Lapelland – Premium Mobile Saunas for a Unique Sauna Experience

Lapelland is a unique and innovative range of top-quality mobile saunas, spa centers and sauna cabins. Enjoy an authentic Finnish sauna experience, wherever and whenever you like.

Lapelland’s mobile saunas bring an entirely new kind of freedom and flexibility into taking a sauna, offering a unique and memorable sauna experience. All sauna buildings are generally free of building permit and registered for road traffic, which enables bringing the sauna to different locations – by a beautiful lake, at the root of a fell, next to your summer cabin – or in your own backyard. In other words, Lapelland’s mobile saunas enable the joy of taking a sauna bath wherever and whenever, and the premium buildings bring a sprinkle of luxury to your everyday life.

Today’s stressful and hectic pace of life is easily left behind when entering a skillfully designed and constructed Lapelland sauna, and all your troubles melt away in the gentle heat of the sauna. All Lapelland products are of high quality and made with Finnish craftsmanship. They are manufactured in Finland from start to finish using high-quality Finnish materials and equipment and delivered to the client 100 % ready to use.

Lapelland mobile saunas have everything that is needed for a pleasant sauna experience: an optimal ventilation and bench-height along with professionally calculated steam circulation. Every single square meter in Lapelland’s mobile sauna buildings has been carefully designed to ensure that the space is in effective use and yet highly practical. In the more spacious sauna cabins, it is also possible to stay overnight and spend time with your family and friends before and after experiencing relaxing moments in sauna. Sauna cabins can also be used by companies for recreational purposes, and they offer un unforgettable sauna experience for clients of adventure travel firms.

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Salvos Finland Oy

unique and innovative range of top-quality mobile saunas, spa centers and sauna cabins


Salvos Finland Oy
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