Karelia Puutec designs and builds wooden buildings from start to finish. The company’s staff thinks their passion for wood and beautiful architecture creates beautiful results that last for a long time.

When using wood as a construction material, it is important to make pay attention to details in every step of the process. Starting from the designing process, Karelia Puutec wants to consider how to make all details as beautiful and durable as possible. The company crafts all their buildings by hand, whether the building is a house on the yard or a unique carved log building, for example, a sauna. The result always represents the best kind of Finnish craftsmanship.

karelia puutec sauna bench

Making every dream come true

Karelia Puutec does not want to say no to any idea of a beautiful and personal wooden building. The company sees every challenge as an opportunity that is worth solving, no matter if big or small. Therefore, the company’s slogan goes:

If you know how to dream, we know how to make those dreams come true!

The company aims for an unforeseen quality when it comes to log structures. Even the splices in buildings are made of wood whenever it is possible. The material used comes from Finland, called LÄHIPUU®. It is a trademark that signifies responsibility and small carbon footprint. It also compliments the authentic Finnish sauna experience, for being a product of 100 % Finnish labour and only from certified Finnish forests.

karelia puutec sauna

If you are looking for the ultimate nature experience, Karelia Puutec takes you there. Because the building is as wooden as possible, you can smell, see, and feel it in the sauna. A log sauna offers a multisensorial experience which takes your Finnish sauna experience to the next level, especially in the aspect of authenticity. Not forgetting all the health and wellbeing benefits you will enjoy because of the combination of Finnish sauna and wood.

karelia puutec sauna

Sales Riku Mantsinen

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Phone +358 40 571 5050

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