A sauna experience is not only about bathing in the sauna, but also what happens before and after the sauna. All of these phases together create the ultimate relaxation and stress release. The leading one-stop-shop in the global sauna market, Harvia is on a mission to make your sauna experience comprehensive and complete, always listening to the customers’ wishes carefully.

Harvia has recently renovated three destinations in different locations. These include Kämp Spa in Helsinki where both luxury and traditions have high value, Lapland Hotels in Tampere where you can access the Lapland atmosphere, and V Spa in Tarto, where luxurious and relaxed feelings meet. Harvia did the whole project, starting from planning and constructing the sauna and shower worlds in all locations. It is obvious that in public spa facilities strength and water-resistance are the most important qualities. Also elegance has to go hand in hand with durability.

Case Kämp Spa

Kämp Spa, a historic luxury hotel in Helsinki, wanted to upgrade their sauna department. Harvia was glad to help out with that. The aim was not only to make the saunas more user friendly, beautiful and modern. They also wanted to improve the hotel guests’ complete spa experience.

According to Kämp Spa’s Spa Manager, Anne Vähäpassi, they achieved these objectives in close cooperation with Harvia:

Harvia listened to us very carefully. It is very important to us that we pay due attention to our customers’ wishes and needs. With Harvia, this went exactly right.

An essential part of Kämp Spa are the iconic divans, so after the renovation, the saunas are located behind the divans so that they are easier to reach. When it comes to details, quality can’t be compromised.

Case Lapland Hotel Tampere

Lapland Hotels in Tampere wanted their quests to be able to feel a Lapland vibe when they visit their sauna department. Now it is possible in one infrared or two electric saunas in which there have been used materials form thick, log-like, dark-toned timber from the Solide sauna furnishing collection. High-tech comes into play in the infrared sauna, with a large screen that lets the visitor admire panoramas from Lapland, the spell of open fire, or even take hot yoga instructions. Infrared radiators were embedded into panels with the help of a special grid-like structure. The entire experience was completed by lighting designed by Harvia’s Legend sauna accessories. The shower and sauna areas radiate the atmosphere of Lapland, albeit in a modern way.

Case V Spa

V Spa, located connected to Kvartal congress center in Tartu, consists of various spaces and functions, in which Harvia was one of the designers and implementers from the start of the building project. The objective was to make the facility relaxed and luxurious at the same time. At every stage, starting from the drawing board, the builder received information from Harvia about what should be taken into consideration in the planning and how any modifications during the planning would affect cost. To the V Spa Harvia delivered their steam bath benches and armchairs from the Spa Modules interior modules. They are fully water-resistant, strong yet easily formable, and can be locally tiled in every which way the customer wants. Elegance always needs to go hand in hand with durability. This is obvious to Harvia, which is why they can be relied on both as a designer and a producer.

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