Cariitti Wellness Dream provides you with a ready-to-use mobile sauna-spa built into the sea container. The container can be integrated into the sauna, bathroom and steam room, and it can be expanded from one container to more, allowing the whole unit to include a dressing room and resting or relaxation areas.

The entity is designed and executed individually according to your wishes. The outer surface of the container can be painted to the desired shade. The container can be remained as such without the cladding or its outer surface can also be covered with panels, for example. The ready-made Wellness Dream container is delivered finished to its location, so there are no long construction times in the site itself. Normal construction site disturbances are absent. The only thing needed for taking the container into use is the water, sewer and electric connections on the site.

With the Wellness Dream Container it is possible to build a sauna-spa complex in places that are difficult to access with conventional construction techniques and equipment. The entity can be transferred to the spot with a car crane or even a helicopter. Thus, for example, island destinations, steep slopes or forest ponds and lakes are entirely possible.

Cariitti Wellness Dream is a smart solution in many situations. Application ideas:

  • Private Wellness Oasis in the garden of your home or summer house.
  • Event organizers can offer their guests unique services at their chosen location.
  • Both hotels and tourism entrepreneurs can complete their own services with Cariitti Wellness Dream.
  • You can even arrange a “Pop-up Spa” as a temporary seasonal offer.
  • Sauna-Spa on the roof terrace? With a Container it is possible (weight 5500kg).
  • Extending the current spa area with a ready-made option beside the outdoor pool.
  • Modular building with the possibility of combining multiple containers and creating a large entity.
  • What else? Share your ideas! Let us design a container to suit your needs!

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