Cannot decide between the traditional, authentic Finnish sauna and the trendy infrared room? Here is a solution for you – get them both at once! Rauduspuu’s Duetto® Heater allows you to combine the two or choose from either depending on the mood.

The Duetto Infrared Heaters are versatile as they also offer the option of being mounted in a sauna with a traditional sauna heater. With the Duetto Heater you can thus create a combination of a traditional sauna and an infraheated cabin which is sometimes called the hybrid sauna. You get the option of a traditional Finnish sauna bath by enjoying the steam from the sauna heater, a solely soothing infrared cabin or combining these both. This gives you three types of bathing experience in one space!

rauduspuu hybrid sauna

Rauduspuu has expertise in Finland, and they have developed the Duetto hybrid sauna intensively based on studies and surveys. The Duetto® Infrared Heater is certified in Finland and Germany. A country-specific certification is important for Rauduspuu, as in Germany, for example, strict quality requirements must be met.

What is an infrared cabin?

An infrared cabin offers dry warmth for even longer than a Finnish sauna. In general, the infrared heat stimulates a person’s bodily functions, and for many it also relieves stress. An infrared cabin is ideal for warm-up before exercise and for recovery afterwards. The infrared cabin alone does not cause you to continue sweating afterwards, so you are ready for an evening out or a day at the office. Read more about the innovation here.

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