Karelian soapstone is a unique natural material with its roots far in the past. Over 2,8 billion years ago, soapstone was molded under tremendous pressure in a pocket created by the collision of continental slabs, filling the crust with molten rock.

This rare and valuable soapstone is the basis for Hukka Design’s operation. The company has operated for over 30 years and has, over the years, become a leading manufacturer of sauna, wellness, cooking and gift products made of soapstone. All Hukka Design products are made of soapstone in Tuupovaara, eastern Finland.

  • Excellent heat and cold storage, silky smooth on the skin Harmony, Gourmet and Sauna collections
  • International success: retailers in over 30 countries!
  • Awarded products, e.g. Home Style Award at a design fair in Shanghai in 2018
Diversity for the sauna experience

The number one sauna product is the sauna fountain that adds a whole new dimension for the sauna experience. The fountain moistens the sauna air, which is one of the three pillars of a good sauna experience in addition to the temperature and ventilation. The fountain adds to the comfort, because you can hear the fountain and the stove sizzle long after throwing water to the stove. The fountain is beautiful to look at, and watching the water brings more relaxation in the sauna. Adding a pleasant fragrance to the fountain will complete the experience.

The soft surface of the soapstone feels pleasant on the skin. In addition, the thermal conductivity of soapstone is so good that the entire mass of the stone acts as a heat reservoir. It makes the surface temperatures pleasant without being too hot, yet it stays warm for a long time.

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