Finland has a long sauna traditions and so does Jokipiin Pellava, a manufacturer of linen textiles. Quality, tradition and Finland have come a long way since Jokipiin Pellava started manufacturing sauna and kitchen textiles for Finns almost 100 years ago. Sauna trends follow the home decor trends, and today, light colors and the functionality are in.

The majority of their production consist of sauna textiles, but they also have a kitchen textiles, from
tablecloths to kitchen towels. All in all, they had a total of 600 products last year, each made at
Jokipiin Pellava’s own factory in Jalasjärvi, Ostrobothnia.

A good sauna textile and its maintenance

When selecting a good sauna textile, think about the material and the purpose.
Half of the textile should be linen because it is very durable in use. Linen is absorbent in sauna
textiles, so linen products are ideal for drying. In addition, the linen is well insulated, which makes
it a good cover on the hot sauna benches.

Linen and cotton are good especially for the infrared sauna, because infrared rays penetrate them
well. In the smoke sauna, sooty benches are challenging, so you cannot choose very light-coloured
textiles. Easy-care textiles are the best choice for a cabin sauna.

With the right material selection and textile care, you can ensure their long life. A good starting
point for the care of sauna textiles is remembering practical matters, such as washing and drying
according to instructions.

Timo Laurila stands for sustainability in choosing textiles. Natural materials beat microfibers and
plastics. Find out about the production methods of the company also and how can you recycle the
product in a sustainable manner.

When choosing sauna textiles, Laurila emphasizes Finland’s expertise in the production of sauna
textiles: “Finland is the home of the sauna, and our sauna textiles are the best in the world.” Buying
a local product is also ecological. Choose a high-quality, Finnish product.


Choosing sauna textiles according to usage is important. Textiles with at least 50% linen are
stronger. Linen is the most durable of natural materials.

Maintain the textile according to the material and its use. Wash linen at 60 degrees, light spin (800).
Tumble drying is not recommended. Straighten the material immediately after washing.

The sauna bench is normally hot and the cover acts as good insulation if it is made of linen.

Absorption capacity
Linen has a very good absorbency, so it is good for drying.

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