Ancient Soapstone Pampers the Body

Hukka Design, in Tuupovaara, eastern Finland, manufactures enjoyment stone products for various purposes of well-being. It has developed stone products into a wide range of sauna and wellness products. Hukka stones can also be used to cool drinks and prepare food, and to keep them hot or cold. The products are manufactured from a 2.8-billion-year-old, unique natural stone which retains heat or cold better than other natural materials.

Our eco-friendly and durable ‘enjoyment stones’ are made of 100% natural materials. Our sauna products improve both the look and comfort of a sauna. Placing our sauna fountains on the sauna stove enhances both the visual and audial experience while improving the balance of humidity in the sauna air.

Soapstone massage products, based on ancient Asian treatment techniques, draw on relaxing heat. The use of the treatment stones makes the sauna a more communal and relaxing place.

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Hukka Design

Stone products fro various purposes of wellbeing.


Seppo Raijas