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The name TylöHelo is the result of merging two brands that are known to bring top notch products, each in their own way. The Swedish Tylö through innovation, technology and outmost attention to details. The Finnish Helo by their state of the art craftsmanship and beautiful traditional sauna designs. Even if the company’s name is TylöHelo the two brands lives on as individual brands, especially in the heater assortment, where Tylö now celebrates 70 years and Helo 100 years.

Helo 100 Tylo 70

In the portfolio the group also has the brand Kastor, founded in 1916, that is well known for traditional woodburning heaters.

The Tylö story begins in 1949 with Sven-Olof Janson, an electrician whose ingenuity and motivation enabled him to develop smaller and more efficient heaters for proprietary designed machines. In 1951, he accepted a challenge from a local businessman to build a cheaper but better sauna. The portfolio has grown with it and is now a complete range of state of the art wellness products based on tradition and heritage, but is continuously adapted to follow the demands of its customers.

The Helo story begins in 1919 as Karjalan Sähkö Oy in Vyborg, Finland and the company’s first electric sauna heater was introduced in 1949. In the 1960’s the company moved to its current location in Hanko, Finland, and was renamed Helo Tehtaat (Helo Factories). In the 1980s, Helo acquired 3 of its competitors and production was transferred to a new, purpose-built factory in Hanko. The company has changed names numerous times, first as Karjalan Sahko, then Helo Tehtaat, then Oy Saunatec, and then Helo Group Ltd.

In 2008 family owned Tylö was sold to Dutch venture capitalist firm AAC. At that time, AAC already owned Helo Group. The new company becomes TylöHelo Group under a common leadership. The manufacture facilities are still in Halmstad Sweden and Hanko Finland, but the majority of our take on wellness is exported. Today the range has everything from hot and dry traditional sauna to steam and infrared and the brand portfolio consists of TylöHelo, Tylö, Helo, Kastor, Finnleo and Amerec so we have solutions for every need.

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One stop shop for all equipment for traditional sauna, steam and IR. Also interior solutions like benches, panelling, lightning, doors and of course accessories.


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