Osmia Oy is a Finnish design and fragrance company established in 1989 that manufactures Finnish sauna products. Osmia’s products are made from high-quality raw materials. The lists of ingredients are very simple.

“When you invest in high-quality, you don’t have to make a long list of ingredients,” says Osmia’s Anne Mäkijärvi.

Osmia is the only company in Finland that develops and mixes their own aromas needed for their products. Their essential oils have natural, pure and genuine aromas. The sense of smell is a primitive sense, and the smells bring back memories. For Finns, for example, birch is a nostalgic smell that reminds of sauna and midsummer.

Towards a higher quality sauna experience

Pampering shower and bath products are an important part of bathing. To enrich your experience, Osmia has, for example, scented candles, scented vegetable oil soaps, real liquid soap, sauna aromas and scented shampoos. Osmia’s Koivu shampoo has been manufactured with a secret recipe for 25 years. It is one of the most popular products – you should definitely try it.

Osmia’s extensive range of sauna aromas has something for everyone. Aromas include for example birch leaf, tar, eucalyptus, pine and honey-herb.

Copyright photographer Marjo Koivumäki Studio Apris oy

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