Lapuan Kankurit is a family-owned company with a long history and a strong emphasis on innovation and high-quality design and production. Their own weaving mill in Lapua allows new textile innovations, and the company has worked hard to develop different types of linen. The company aims to be a pioneer in the market with specialty products that are not mass-produced.

Lapuan Kankurit uses natural fibers that are perfect for the sauna experience: they are eco-friendly and have excellent absorbency, breathability and temperature resistance. Jaana Hjelt, the company’s marketing director and co-owner, thinks that the design of the sauna is important, but in the end, creating the right atmosphere is key:

The interior decoration of a sauna can vary a lot, but it is still the atmosphere of the sauna that makes the sauna experience perfect. The interaction of people and family in the sauna is invaluable.

Lapuan Kankurit has its stores in Helsinki and Tokyo

The Lapuan Kankurit Store Studio is located in the heart of Helsinki, in the historic Torikortteli. Here you will find a wide selection of Lapuan Kankurit products and other small sauna accessories. Japanese designers have designed the interior of the store.

The company has taken an international step by opening its own Lapuan Kankurit store in Tokyo. « Tourists are very quality conscious and they appreciate the use of genuine materials rather than artificial fibers”, says Hjelt.
Read here some tips from Lapuan Kankurit to improve your sauna experience:


Textiles make it easy to create warmth in all sauna premises–the sauna room, the sauna itself and the fireplace room. Start relaxing already before you enter the sauna and take your place on the bench. Prepare the covers, soaps and towels. Prepare a supper to be enjoyed after the sauna, and wrap yourself in a woolen blanket while waiting for the sauna to heat up.


The textiles in the sauna create the right mood and protect the benches. They also protect the skin from excess heat and absorb moisture. Sauna pillows support the head and neck, both when sitting against the wall or laying down on the benches. A linen towel, sauna cap or turban protects protects the head from heat when needed. Linen and terry washers will wash and help revitalize the blood circulation. Take a shower between the sauna, have a drink of water and wrap yourself in a big towel while cooling off. The linen towel is very absorbent and feels dry for a long time against the skin, making it the perfect sauna towel.


When you have relaxed in the sauna to your heart’s content, it is time to wash yourself and go to cool off. Remember to remove the sauna textiles from the sauna, rinse them and hang them to dry. The sauna is often known to cause what the Finns call jälkihiki, or continued sweating after the sauna, so wearing loose-fitting sauna clothing and absorbent linen towels are good choices when leaving the sauna. Material made of breathable and absorbent linen are ideal for balancing body heat after bathing. After the sauna, a delicious snack table awaits the visitors. Wrap yourself in a woolen blanket after the sauna evening. Wool is a natural material that breathes and keeps you warm.

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