Skulle du vilja uppleva en äkta finsk bastu?

Sauna from Finland-nätverk vill skapa världens bästa finska bastu upplevelse för dig!

Vi har valt de bästa företag som ser till att du kommer att njuta av den finska bastu äventyret. Du kan välja din egen bastu miljö: en urban spa, ditt eget hem eller egen gård, du kan skräddarsy din egen erfarenhet!

Vi hjälper dig gärna!

  • A sauna in your own home of garden is truly an everyday luxury.
    Finns are avid sauna goers, with a sauna in almost every home. A home sauna is a place to relax and recover after exercise. Taking a sauna can affect well-being in a number of ways, including improving sleep quality. There is a wide range of saunas encompassing solutions for a variety of needs. In a traditional Finnish sauna, you will experience a closeness to nature: the scent of wooden benches, feel of linen sauna textiles, heater stones, and sound of water all bring nature to mind. Sauna is at its most authentic in natural surroundings, such as on the shore of a lake. It is a truly stress-free zone and source of well-being.

  • Sauna is the perfect counterweight to busy urban life.
    The sauna relaxes the mind and body, and is one of the rare places where it is impossible to use mobile devices. Sauna concepts designed to meet today’s needs fit perfectly with urban environments and modern hotels. Various steam rooms, infrared saunas and sauna treatments are excellent for spas and beauty salons. Pampering treatments and products made with pure Scandinavian raw materials add the finishing touches to a sauna experience.

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