Osmia is a pioneering company of Finnish sauna aromas, shampoos and soaps. The world of scents in all their products is unique and endlessly rich. The scents highlight the pure nature and vast forests in Finland.

Osmia manufactures all the products by themselves from start to end. The inspiration for all of them comes from Finnish nature and Sauna traditions. The visual design of the products have simplified, yet elegant lines. The colours resemble all the natural elements you can find in the Finnish forest: green trees, and berries of all different colours.

For Finns, the Sauna has always been a sanctuary for refreshment and relaxation. The scent of natural materials – such as smoke, timber or fresh birch leaves – evoke warm memories. This will create the right mindset for silent relaxation. In other words, having calming scents as part of your sauna experience awakens your senses. It takes the whole experience to another level. You do not have to have a cottage sauna to get the feeling of being surrounded by nature.

For three decades already, Osmia Ltd has nourished its scientific expertise on fragrance development to create high quality cosmetics and other scent related products for unique Sauna and spa experiences. Their scent selection offers a way to create the desired atmosphere at home, as well as in hotels or other wellness related businesses.

Become an expert on Finnish Sauna feeling

If your aim is to develop a Sauna experience as authentic and rich as possible, learn how to benefit from Osmia’s wide selection of scented products. By using scented candles, soaps, shampoos, body scrubs and sauna aromas you can create different combinations to fulfill your guests’ expectations to a perfection, over and over again. At the moment, Osmia exports from Finland to Austria, Germany, Sweden, and Hungary.

Read more about Osmia ‘s tips on making your sauna experience more enjoyable with natural scents in this article.

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