“Customer satisfaction in the hotels with the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate in terms of the sauna experience has developed well over the past years, which has contributed to increased customer satisfaction throughout the Sokos Hotels Original chain.”


Sokos Hotels (Finland)

The purchasing behavior is becoming more experience-oriented around the world. Money is spent increasingly more on experiences and thrills than before. This also creates competition and people have high standards. The sauna experience quality certificate is one way to build a competitive advantage of the customer experience. See our quality certificate references.

The certificate communicates that your sauna and sauna service are among the best in the world.

The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate sets the sauna experience quality bar world record high. It is a huge advantage in standing out from your competitors. Your clients will know that they can rely on having an authentic, unique, and relaxing experience.

Quality Certificate Sauna Finnish

You can apply for the Quality Certificate if you own a sauna service business (e.g. a public sauna/sauna club) or if you provide sauna experience as part of your other services (e.g. hotel, spa, or gym).

The Certificate is granted for the whole sauna experience unity, even though the unity may include multiple saunas.

Choose the category

You may apply for the quality certificate in one of the following categories:

Quality Certificates
  • URBAN – awarded to saunas in urban environments.
  • NATURE & GARDEN – awarded to saunas in natural environments.
  • SPA – awarded for saunas in spas or other sauna facilities.
  • UNIQUE – granted for sauna experiences that differ from the typical Finnish saunas.

How to apply for the certificate?

  1. Reach out to Sauna from Finland via e-mail ([email protected]). You may also call Executive Director Carita Harju +358 40 566 24 81.
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter and order the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook. Make the necessary development measures based on the quality criteria.
  3. When you feel like the sauna experience is in accordance with the quality handbook, reach out to us again. We will settle a time for the audit.

Sauna from Finland will audit the sauna facilities and makes a report of it. The aim of the audit is to ensure that the facilities fulfill the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality criteria. Sauna from Finland will deal with the application and the audit report. The organization decides if the sauna experience gets the quality certificate.

The costs of the certificate

Sauna from Finland sends an invoice for the audit (500€ excl. VAT) and for the certificate (800€ excl. VAT). The travel and accommodation costs are negotiated separately. The certificate is in effect for two years after the date of awarding. You will receive the quality certificate and the rights to use it after paying the audit and the yearly cost of the certificate. We will sign a written contract for the use of the quality certificate. Sauna from Finland auditor comes to check the quality level of the sauna experience after two years with a re-audit. Sauna from Finland reminds you of this, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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