The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate is a proof of the authenticity, high-quality, and memorability of your Finnish sauna experience service.

The certificate is granted to saunas in hotels, spas, health clubs, resorts, and public saunas which meet the detailed criteria based on Sauna from Finland's extensive research.

Finnish Sauna Quality Certficate

The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate communicates your clients, stakeholders, and staff that your sauna experience service is in the top class of the world.

It sets the sauna experience quality bar world record high and is a huge advantage in standing out from your competitors. Your clients will know that they can rely on having an authentic, unique, and relaxing experience, because the quality aspects of your sauna service are in order. This makes them return to your sauna service again and again.

Core Values of Finnish Sauna Experience

The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate is granted to sauna services which have passed the detailed quality criteria. The criteria are drawn from the eight Core Values of the Finnish sauna experience: 1) Authenticity, 2) Multisensoriality, 3) Presence & Relaxation, 4) Wellbeing & Health, 5) Contrast, 6) Cleanliness, 7) Safety, and 8) Responsibility.

These values have to present before sauna, during sauna bathing, and after sauna.

Quality Certificates

There are four types of criteria for different sauna service types and environments. The sauna environment will also be visible on the Quality Certificate in a form of the symbol presented here.

Sauna URBAN is for sauna services situated in an urban area. For example Original by Sokos Hotels and Lapland Hotels Bulevardi have developed their hotel sauna experience services to the level of certification.

Sauna NATURE & GARDEN is tailored for services offering nature and countryside experiences. For example, Varjola, Hollolan Hirvi, and Isokenkäisten Klubi are destinations with Sauna NATURE & GARDEN Quality Certificate.

Sauna SPA is likewise for spa services which have a high-quality Finnish sauna/saunas.

Sauna UNIQUE was created in 2020 for sauna services that stand out from regular saunas e.g. with design or special service. Ice Sauna in Pyhäpiilo was one of the firsts to receive the Sauna UNIQUE Quality Certificate in 2021.

Each criteria consists approx. 80 details related to what should be present before sauna, during sauna, and after sauna. In addition, the bonus criteria help you to finalize even the smallest details of the experience.

In order to meet the criteria, you will need Finnish sauna and wellbeing products and accessories in addition to the authentic Finnish sauna (in other words, the sauna needs to be built according to standards and include Finnish elements, such as Finnish heater and/or Finnish design). Sauna from Finland network has everything you need to build the sauna and acquire accessories. We provide consultation for service providers who are on the sauna building phase or want to update an existing sauna.

Quality Certificate Sauna Finnish

Who can apply for the Certificate?

You can apply for the Quality Certificate if you…

  • …own a sauna service business (e.g. a public sauna/sauna club)
  • …provide sauna experience as part of  your other services (e.g. hotel, spa, or gym)
  • …plan to create a sauna experience to be your business or part of it

The Certificate is granted for the whole sauna experience unity, even though the unity may include multiple saunas (excl. e.g. guest saunas and room saunas in a hotel, which are dealt as different unities).

Read more about how to apply.

Sokos Hotel Kotka

Quality Certified Sauna Destinations

There are over 30 Quality Certified sauna destinations already, and of those two are located outside of Finland.

Take a look at our Quality Certificate references and find all the destinations on the map.

Photo: Sokos Hotel Kotka

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