In a mission to create the best sauna experiences in the world

Sauna from Finland was born from the idea that everyone around the world should be able to experience a great, authentic Finnish sauna.

Health and wellbeing are more important than ever, and Finnish sauna is known for its scientifically proven health benefits and long traditions in Finland, the happiest country in the world. Finnish sauna culture has been officially recognized in UNESCO’s intangible heritage list – therefore it can be said that Finns are the sauna nation of the world and have the knowledge to building high-quality and authentic sauna experiences.

We believe that Finnish sauna is a unique wellness product in the global markets. It’s beneficial to hotels, spas, and health clubs who want to pamper their customers and stand out from their competitors. Many want to add sauna to their every-day life and build one to their home or yard. Finnish sauna can be built into different surroundings and for different tastes – from nature to urban environments and from beauty lovers to sporty folks.

We at Sauna from Finland spread knowledge about the Finnish sauna, redress sauna misunderstandings, and provide consultation for building the best sauna experiences in the world.

Sauna from Finland mission

Our company network consists of almost 200 companies who manufacture and retail Finnish-sauna-related products and services. One can find everything needed for building a Finnish sauna experience from our network. We support co-operation between our member companies, so the customers and clients could find everything needed just by contacting us. From the very beginning we have been ambitious to create new innovative business models, renew marketing strategies, and help the companies succeed in the international markets.

Our members are developers, pioneers and visionaries of the field and include stove manufacturers, consumer goods and services providers, accommodation and entertainment facilitators, wellness and design companies and other associations.

Sauna Experience Industry

Did you already notice that we have published a handbook that guides you step-by-step in creating a Finnish sauna experience of your own?

And if you have a great Finnish sauna experience, we can grant it our quality certificate, which tells your customers that you have really worked on your service to provide high-quality and memorable sauna experience.

We operate globally to actively seek new business opportunities for our member companies and platforms to share knowledge about the amazing benefits Finnish sauna experience brings. We co-operate with Embassies, trade fair organizers, and media to provide the audience fascinating, up-to-date information about the topic.

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