Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook guides you in creating the best sauna experiences in the world.

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Finland is the sauna country of the world. Sauna is deeply rooted into the country’s history, and in 2020 the Finnish sauna culture was chosen on the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list. Finns know the secrets of sauna and have the know-how for building high-quality and enjoyable sauna experiences.

The scientifically proven health benefits, high-quality elements, and versatility of the Finnish sauna make it an excellent business concept for public saunas, and a competitive advantage and extra service for hotels, spas, and health clubs.

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The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook is the no. 1 tool for creating the best Finnish sauna experiences in the world. The inspiring articles are written in cooperation with Finnish sauna professionals and companies, and the comprehensive tips and instructions guide in designing new or existing sauna experiences into different surroundings and for different tastes.

The handbook contains examples and inspiration of different kinds of sauna experiences by using the eight Core Values of the authentic Finnish sauna experience as a structure.

Sauna Handbook

In the end of the book, you can find the detailed Quality criteria for sauna services in different environments:

  • URBAN – Saunas located in the city surrounding (e.g., hotel sauna, public sauna).
  • NATURE & GARDEN – Saunas located in the middle of nature or close to the nature with natural water.
  • SPA – Saunas in spas (nature or urban).
  • UNIQUE – Peculiar saunas that stand out from traditional ones in design or service.

The criteria are helpful in checking if your sauna experience is authentically Finnish and of high-quality.

The handbook helps to create quality sauna services!

Editor and publisher: Sauna from Finland
Language: English
Size: 25,5cm x 18cm x 1,5cm or 10″ x 7″ x 0,6″
Shipping: Worldwide


To whom is the handbook for?
The book is mainly targeted for service providers who want to create a new sauna service or improve existing ones. Home sauna owners/builders have also purchased this book as it gives inspiration and tips for home sauna experiences as well.

Does it contain information and regulations about building the sauna?
This book is focused on creating sauna experiences, which can be thought as a next step after building the sauna. However, the book contains tips and articles regarding the building part too, like information about sauna benches, different heaters, ventilation. This book is handy both when starting to build a sauna and when updating an existing one. It does not contain clear rules or regulations regarding the building itself. We recommend to contact a trusted Finnish sauna builder company or Sauna from Finland for this purpose.

How much is the handbook?
The handbook costs 79€ plus the shipping fee. Our member Veico sells the book and ships it worldwide.
If you wish to buy more than 5 books, contact us.

Is there an e-book version of the handbook?
Currently there’s only the hard-copy version of the handbook available.

Can I buy it from Amazon?
Currently the book is only available on Veico’s online shop and

Can I preview the book?
Sure, look at some of the photos below.

I’d like to retail the book.
Amazing, contact us!

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