Lapland Hotels Bulevardi

Quality Certificate: hotel sauna (URBAN)

Case: Lapland Hotels Bulevardi (Helsinki, Finland)

Sauna from Finland was involved in the design of Lapland Hotels Bulevardi’s room sauna experience concepts as early as in the construction stage of the hotel. The cooperation began when Lapland Hotels Regional Manager Leena Turunen took part in the international networking event World Sauna Forum arranged by Sauna from Finland, held in autumn of 2017. The goal of designing the sauna experience was to highlight the central elements of a Finnish sauna experience.

Leena Turunen thinks that the project turned out very well. “It was our goal to create a delightful sauna and spa world that leaves the guests gasping for breath. We succeeded in that. The rooms contain some of the most impressive room sauna experiences in the world. Guest feedback has been amazing”, Turunen rejoices.

Ice Sauna Rukan Salonki

Quality Certificate: ice sauna (UNIQUE)

Case: Rukan Salonki (Ruka-Kuusamo, Finland)

Every year a magical sauna is built in Pyhäpiilo at Ruka, Finland but it can only be experienced in wintertime. And why is that? Because its main construction material is ice. The service provider Rukan Salonki received the quality certificate of Sauna from Finland on January 29, 2021 for the unique sauna experience.

“We wanted to apply for the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience UNIQUE Quality Certificate for our service unity so that this special experience that is good for the health would become more known,” says the owner Marjo Määttä.

Like many other destinations holding the quality certificate, Määttä as well utilized the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook (Sauna from Finland, 2021) for the quality project. 

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