Interested about Sauna from Finland membership?

Who can join?

Sauna from Finland has different international membership categories for:

  • Companies located outside of Finland
  • Associations located outside of Finland
  • Individuals living outside of Finland

Your company can join Sauna from Finland network if you are:

  • Retailing Finnish sauna related products
  • Building authentic Finnish saunas and use products/elements by Finnish companies
  • Designing Finnish saunas / sauna experiences and recommend their clients to use Finnish sauna companies
  • Providing a Finnish sauna service which includes Finnish sauna elements and accessories
  • Promoting the authentic Finnish sauna and Finnish sauna companies some other way
  • Planning to start a business that is related to the Finnish sauna and need to connect with Finnish sauna companies

This is the COMPANY membership.

Your association can join Sauna from Finland network if you:

  • Work to promote the authentic Finnish sauna experience in their home country
  • Help/want to help Finnish sauna companies to export to their home country
  • Have a network of sauna and/or wellness operators in their home country

This is the SUPPORT membership.

You can join Sauna from Finland network if you:

  • are planning to start a business related to the Finnish sauna and requires buying products/services from Finland; need to connect with Finnish sauna companies; need find out more about the field within two years from joining. This is the INDIVIDUAL membership.
  • work to promote the authentic Finnish sauna experience and Finnish sauna companies in your home country and have a large network of sauna and/or wellness operators interested in the topic. This is also the SUPPORT membership and costs the same amount.

What you get for being a member:

Be part of a professional and innovative network

The internationally oriented members of our network stay connected via a Facebook group and by getting together in various kinds of events. You get to connect and receive innovative ideas for your business.

Visibility through Sauna from Finland’s communication

We actively communicate about our members in our social media channels, website, and newsletters. In addition, we promote the visibility of our members both in Finnish and international media. See our international member companies.

Sauna Bucket KOLO

Communication material for your business

You will get access to our large material and image bank. From the material bank you can find useful information about several aspects of the Finnish sauna and the photos in the image bank are free to use commercially.

sales negotiation

Leads and customers

We are constantly contacted by businesses and consumers around the world who would like to buy sauna and wellbeing services and products. We always connect these customers with our network, and actively look for new ones.

Annual membership fees:

1-30 persons in the company – 500€
31- persons in the company – 800€

300 €

100 €

We will invoice the membership fees.

Send us an application!

You can also send an email to us and tell us more about you/your company and your plans regarding the authentic Finnish sauna experience. We will review every application.

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