Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region has some of the most spectacular places to dive into the Finnish sauna culture. From here, you can find some of the most unique destinations where sauna traditions are preserved from generation to generation, giving an opportunity to experience an authentic Finnish sauna.

In Jyväskylä region the options of different type of sauna are endless. You may prefer a traditional lake shore sauna, or you may want to experience a modern pampering sauna like one of the certified guest saunas with luxurious quality in various hotels. Or maybe you want to try a sauna boat or an infrared sauna that has many health benefits. Perhaps one of the most unique saunas in the region is the world’s biggest smoke sauna. This largest smoke sauna can offer the sauna experience for as many as 150 bathers at once! And if you look for a smaller space, the region has the right places for you. You may enjoy a tent sauna, a spell sauna, a log sauna, a rose sauna, a traditional public sauna, a beach sauna in summer, many electric or wooden heated saunas and saunas in every indoor swimming halls and spas.

Centre of Sauna Services and Manufacturers

And not only saunas, but also the amazing sauna services! Jyväskylä region has many companies that offer relaxing or energizing sauna experiences. Sauna Trail for example is an exploration to the Finnish sauna myths, traditions and beliefs. You may also try to warm up the sauna like a true Finn and at the same time learn a lot about sauna itself. The Jyväskylä region even offers an opportunity to live the sauna life just like the locals and try a private home sauna.

In addition to different types of saunas and sauna products and services, Jyväskylä Region is the heart of the Finnish sauna industry. Many important sauna design companies have their headquarters and production facilities in this part of Finland. One of these companies is the biggest sauna stove manufacturer Harvia that has also a show room next to the factory.

Last but for sure not least, the Jyväskylä region hosts every summer the Sauna week, a complete week full of opportunities to have sauna by the lakes or in the urban surroundings. The idea of the event is to offer both locals and tourists an opportunity to test some of the best saunas in the Jyväskylä region and enjoy the Finnish summer at its best.

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