At Sauna from Finland we believe that the sauna provides a comprehensive experience of a variety of sensations. Use this list to see how your sauna services meet the quality standards!

  1. PLAN your sauna services with sense: what happens before the sauna, in the sauna and after the sauna.
  2. DEFINE what are the core and theme of your sauna service.
  3. CHOOSE high-quality materials to your sauna and other premises. Consult experts when choosing the hot-room benches and the stove. Remember also proper maintenance.
  4. ENSURE the cleanliness and safety of the surroundings of your sauna. This applies also to the lighting of the path leading to the sauna and the condition of the jetty. Pay special attention to safety in the hot room as well as safety in going up to and coming down from the benches. Give instructions for safe swimming in both summer and winter conditions.
  5. USE clear instructions about the use of a Finnish sauna and, whenever needed, always give personal guidance to ensure a successful sauna experience.
  6. TAKE SPECIAL CARE of proper sauna hygiene because customers rate sauna hygiene as the most important element of a successful sauna experience.
  7. REMEMBER the basic services of the sauna: towels, bench towels, washing rooms and toilets, drinking water or other refreshments and a space for cooling off.
  8. DISPLAY products and services helping to get a relaxing and immemorable experience of the sauna.
  9. SAUNA can be the core of your supply of experiences with which all your other services can be intertwined, starting from dining.
  10. COLLECT feedback and ask your customers for development tips.

The checklist is based on The Sauna from Finland Sauna Quality Handbook for developing business activities in the field of sauna. How many of these have you already taken care of?

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