The SAUNATOUR Programme was created by nine local companies in Ruka area, located in Nothern Finland. It includes different kinds of Finnish Sauna Experiences, always accompanied by a trained Finnish sauna guide.

You can take the Ultimate SaunaTour of 10 hours of different sauna experiences; or choose just one, two or three saunas. Combine your different saunas with pampering Sauna Therapy Treatments.

SaunaTour is unlike any other spa in the world: they carry out the spa treatments together with you in the sauna! They also have Saunayoga, Wild Food and nature adventures around the year. SaunaTour is suitable for everyone from kids to grandparents, and can accommodate from 2 to 200 people!

SaunaTour provides luxury in everyday life – even brief periods of relaxation improve well-being and help you to de-stress. In addition to your own well-being, it is also a very social event! The SaunaTour package has been designed accordance with Sauna from Finland’s Quality Handbook. Remember: you always have a trained, Finnish sauna guide present.

The saunas that are included in the SaunaTour offer variable and different experiences so you will not be bored while switching from one sauna to another. What is more important is that they all have the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate which is a sign that you will get a top-quality sauna experience.

SaunaTour Saunas

Iisakki’s lakeside sauna. In the traditional lakeside sauna situated in Iisakki’s Village you can try saunayoga with a certified instructor. It is an experience that gives your mind and body a true feeling of relaxation and warmth.

Pyhäpiilo Hi-Tech smoke sauna and ice sauna are unlike any other in the world. Usually a smoke sauna leaves some dirt all over your body but the Pyhäpiilo smoke sauna hides some high technology innovation inside it – you will stay clean until the end of your sauna session! (Although, this innovation does not prevent you from sweating of course.) The ice sauna mixes the hotness of sauna with the coldness of ice. Remember that it is possible to experience this unique sauna only during winter time!

Sauna of old time stories. The sauna in Pohjolan pirtti takes you way back to the old times. Drift off to days long gone as you sit in the hot tub on the patio, listening to tales of “sisu” – the stubborn persistence that built this land.

Seven Star Smoke Sauna is in Isokenkäisten Klubi Wilderness Hotel and Restaurant, located only 2 km from the Russian border. The sauna is heated with dry birch logs that come from the place’s own forest. In summer it is lovely to cool down on the terrace, admire the sunset and take a dip in the cool and clear lake water. In winter the terrace is illuminated by Northern Lights and thousands of stars.

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