Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate

During the years, Sauna from Finland has conducted several researchers and surveys about what makes the Finnish sauna experience enjoyable, high-quality, and relaxing. By interviewing thousands of Finnish and international experts of sauna and wellbeing as well as sauna tourists, Sauna from Finland has defined the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience.

Based on the results, Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience is defined as comprehensive and multisensorial. For the Finnish sauna to offer the best sauna experience in the world, the experience should include recognizable and high-quality elements, and take into account the Core Values.

Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience is defined through eight Core Values, which are: 1) authenticity, 2) multisensoriality, 3) presence & relaxation, 4) wellbeing & health, 5) contrast 6) cleanliness, 7) safety, and 8) responsibility.

These Core Values are examined throughout the sauna experience: before, during, and after sauna. The Values can be implemented in all kinds of sauna environments, for example in tourist resorts, public saunas, spas, gyms, public swimming pools, and hotels.

The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate is granted to sauna services which have passed the criteria presented in Sauna from Finland’s Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Handbook (new edition coming up in the beginning of 2020). The Certificate communicates your clients, stakeholders, and your staff that your sauna experience service is in the top class of the world. The Certificate granted by Sauna from Finland sets the sauna experience quality bar world record high and challenges your staff’s know-how every day. In addition, your clients will know that they can rely on having an authentic, unique, and relaxing experience, because the quality criteria of your sauna is in order.

You will need Finnish sauna and wellbeing elements, products, and accessories in order create the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience. Sauna from Finland network has everything you need for this. Look for some of the companies here.

Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate categories

The certified quality sauna services are divided into three categories: Sauna URBAN, Sauna SPA, and Sauna NATURE & GARDEN. Each category has their own sign.



Sauna URBAN is granted for a certified quality service, which is situated in an urban area. For example Original by Sokos Hotels and Lapland Hotels Bulevardi have developed their sauna experience services to the level of certification.

Sauna Spa

Sauna SPA is likewise granted for spa services, of which a great example is Neidonkeidas situated in Lohja.

Sauna NATURE & GARDEN is a certificate tailored for services offering nature and countryside experiences. For example, Varjola, Hollolan Hirvi, and Isokenkäisten Klubi are destinations like this.


Who can apply for the Certificate?

You can apply for the Quality Certificate if you…

  • …own a sauna service business (e.g. a public sauna/sauna club)
  • …provide sauna experience as part of  your other services (e.g. hotel, spa, or gym)
  • …plan to create a sauna experience to be your business or part of it

The Certificate is granted for the whole sauna experience unity, even though the unity may include multiple saunas (excl. e.g. guest saunas and room saunas in a hotel, which are dealt as different unities).

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