KOLO spreads Finnish sauna culture all over the world, one bucket and ladle at a time

KOLO Sauna is a Finnish design company that creates user-friendly and smart products to complement your sauna experience. Company’s Bucket + Ladle duo is by far their most known product, and represents the simplistic and modern Nordic design. KOLO proves that designing does not have to be complicated or multi-coloured, what matters is how the product works.

According to KOLO, the KOLO Bucket+Ladle duo is available in all the essential colours – that is, in black and white. These two colours match easily to every type of decoration, either a modern urban sauna or a more traditional sauna in the countryside. You can have as colourful or non-colourful interior decoration as you wish and it will fit in seamlessly.

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An inseparable duo

KOLO Bucket+Ladle are designed to be inseparable and that is why they come in the same package. The ladle functions as the bucket’s handle, and the bucket works as the holder for the ladle when it is not used. KOLO sauna emphasizes that the products are not designed to make the sauna experience unforgettable, nor do they glow in the dark or have a special scent. What they do guarantee, however, is that the bucket will not leak and the ladle will bear the weight of the bucket.

KOLO Sauna represents a different way of creating beautiful sauna design. The materials used are bamboo and aluminium that handle the sauna’s heat exceptionally well. The products are also powder coated so they will withstand use better and for a longer time. The comprehensive KOLO sauna and bath product family are designed by the Finnish designer Brita Flander. She is best-known for her glass and lighting designs.

The product range include also thermometers and bath brushes. KOLO promises that new product launches can be expected throughout the year. Follow the KOLO online shop to see what new ideas KOLO comes up with!

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