Rimita Green is a family company that provides functional organic skincare and hygiene products also to use in the sauna. The company combines the nourishing plants and herbs gathered from the clean Nordic nature with high-skilled Finnish Chemistry manufacturing. This way it can offer the customers products as pure and efficient as possible.

Rimita Green products are designed for people who care for their own and for the nature’s wellbeing. The company offers its customers affordable quality. This means that the natural ingredients are incredibly efficient considering the prices of the end products. The 24 hours of daylight in summer and the coldness of winters in Finland make the plants and herbs rich with vitamins and antioxidants. Therefore, they are perfect as core ingredients for natural skincare and personal hygiene products.

Rimita Green’s recommendations for products to use during the sauna experience

Company’s Managing Director Minna Uusitalo gives recommendations of the family behind Rimita Green for products to use to enrich the relaxation during the sauna experience: “We are a family with two saunas: an electric sauna at home and with wooden sauna oven at summer cottage. For us sauna is a place for relaxing. It means also that we only bring the most essential things to sauna, such as our RimitaOats product line that includes nourishing Finnish Oats and sea-buckthorn.”

RimitaOats Hand and Body Soap cleanses the skin without drying it. A new product that was launched in May 2021 is RimitaOats Body Oil Cleansing. This is an ultimate choice for a dry skin. After the sauna you should also remember to separately take care of the facial skin. For this you can try RimitaTriple skincare line which contains richly nourishing vitamins and omega fatty acids. They take care of the fat balance in the skin. Therefore, RimitaTriple products are suitable for dry, normal, and greasy skin types, therefore, suitable both for mothers and for their daughters.

More information about skincare in the sauna.

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