Tulikivi is a family business and the world’s biggest producer of heat-storing fireplaces. The company has three product groups: fireplaces, saunas, and interior. Tulikivi and its customers value wellbeing, interior design, and the benefits of bioenergy.

The main material of Tulikivi products is the Finnish soapstone, which is perfect for saunas and bathrooms. It is eco-friendly, and the carbon footprint of the products is exceptionally small.

The products are authentic, natural, aesthetic, and memorable. The sauna stoves radiate heat, which is the most pleasant and healthy form of enjoying the warmth. The ingredients used in the products are Finnish, and the modern Finnish design and manufacturing aim to create an authentic Finnish sauna experience: the soapstone is hygienic and pleasant to touch, the experience multisensory, design beautiful. You’ll also be able to see the fire burning in the fireplace from the big window and won’t have the danger to burn yourself. The product fits both in home and public sauna. If you value beautiful design and high-quality heat, you’ll love Tulikivi products.

The revenue of Tulikivi is approximately 30 million euros, of which export is 55%. The company employs 200 people. The main export destination countries are Russia, Germany, and France, and overall Tulikivi exports to 25 countries. The products have ISO 9001 quality certificate and Rosenheim Bau biology certificate.

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