As the world becomes increasingly digital, the sauna industry also wants to develop to meet customers’ needs. The need to heat the sauna heater in the home with a mobile application is growing continuously. How is the digitalization in sauna heating possible?

The development of remote control of sauna heaters has evolved in the sauna industry for a long time. Turning on the heater using a smartphone is not technically demanding in itself. But, ensuring safe heating and use of the sauna does pose challenges. Export manager Jesse Hämäläinen of Narvi, a Finnish company with decades of expertise that designs and manufactures heaters, sums up the key problem:

“It’s a question of simple practical matters. It must be ensured that there are no towels or bench towels near the heater or, at worst, anything on top of the heater drying.”

Narvi’s research has resulted in safe product development

Narvi, which was founded in 1937, has been developing new technology that enables remote operation of the heater completely safely and without the need for additional safety devices. The user only needs a Narvi heater and a controller. The user can turn on the heater with a mobile application, for example, if they own these two products. The design of the heater assures that no dangerous situations can arise. If towels or other materials have been left on top of the heater, or are placed on top of it after the heater is turned on, it automatically switches itself off. It is especially important that the heater can react to such changes in real time.

“Remote control takes sauna bathing to the same level of technical sophistication as other devices in the home. It’s great to be able to control the sauna remotely as well. All this has come about precisely as a result of Narvi’s own research and development,” Hämäläinen says.

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