Our international member Saunabrick´s managing director, Cristina Montes from Mijas-Costa in Spain, visited Finland in March, 2019.

Saunabrick is a brand created by the Home&Health line of a family business with more than 30 years of professional experience in the sector. It has logistic headquarters and manufactures in Lucena – Cordoba, in Andalucía, commercial address in Fuengirola (Málaga), and a team of collaborators spread throughout the national territory. They are specialists in designing and creating relaxing spaces, always searching for the perfect harmony between design and wellbeing. They want their saunas to bring positive effects on people’s health, while also satisfying the eye with beautiful design. There are many external factors that generate negative energies. Saunabrick’s team analyzes the rooms to achieve the healthiest energy possible, because their goal is to improve customers’ wellbeing. Their product selection is orientated to the maximum satisfaction of the customer. It provides these services with the highest quality, the best technology and the best raw materials.

“I searched information about sauna and that is how I learnt about Sauna from Finland. The Finnish culture had interested me for a long time and when I was younger, I even thought about coming to study in Finland,” Cristina says.

“I went to sauna for the first time when I was 3-years-old while skiing with her father in Sierra Nevada. I was so happy when I won Sauna from Finland’s Win a sauna trip to Finland.”

Sauna in Spain

Cristina is the managing director of Saunabrick and she wants to combine the best parts of Finnish and Spanish cultures. She wants everybody to enjoy their lives, for example by bringing together elements of the Finnish sauna, which is good for the body and mind, and of the excellent and healthy Mediterranean food culture with its delicacies, such as olive oil, fresh tomatoes, etc.

Cristina tells that many Spanish people think that sauna is for losing weight. Some people know that you go to sauna after sports, but not so many people know that sauna is very much about relaxation, about body and mind. However, she sees that more and more people get interested in saunas.

“Sauna from Finland membership has given Saunabrick a lot. We’ve have learnt a lot about the Finnish sauna culture and Finnish culture in general. We’ve built a lot of new contacts as well.”

Cristina says that besides being able to serve their customers better, she feels that the key thing is to be happy in what she is doing in her work.

Saunabrick have plans to expand their activities. Cristina would also like to have a place for different kinds of saunas, for example, a pop-up sauna village.

Sales Cristina Montes

Email [email protected]

Phone (+34) 952 479 582

Website www.saunabrick.com open_in_new

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