Sauna from Finland’s first international member is Finnmark Sauna from London. Together they will educate the British public about the benefits of sauna when done the right way – the Finnish way!

Sauna is an essential part of Finnish lifestyle and well-being. Recent studies prove that this traditional and natural therapy form brings not only relaxation and serenity but effects also cardiovascular health.

Frequent sauna bathing reduces the risk of elevated blood pressure, sudden cardiac death, and cardiovascular and all-cause mortality.

Sauna from Finland  is an association and network promoting the business of companies within the sauna field. It assists hotels and spas to implement an authentic Finnish sauna experience – from beginning to end. The network includes more than 170 Finnish companies within the sauna field.

Finnmark Ltd are dedicated to producing high quality, authentic, Finnish sauna. In fact, they are the only UK based company providing this to the UK market! Finnmark Ltd believe that the Finnish definition of sauna is the only one that should be adhered to and aim to dispel the misinterpreted caricature of sauna that has become established in the UK.

This partnership with Finnmark Ltd is adding value to Sauna from Finland´s activities on the UK market since the importance of having a reliable local partner, says Satu Freyberg, responsible for the international marketing of Sauna from Finland.

Changing the quality of British saunas one by one

To most Finns, the notion that there is any other way to interpret “sauna”, than that of Finnish sauna is ridiculous. Sadly however, a lack of information and education amongst the British public means that sauna has been poorly inherited. The result is that most saunas in the UK don’t come close to offering the enjoyability, health benefits and reliability that the Finnish experience back home.

Many British saunas lack adequate ventilation and are therefore more like an oven than a sauna. What’s more, sauna heaters without stones, hidden behind benches are sadly the norm. In the rare case they have stones, it isn’t uncommon to see notices that warn users not to put water on them. Even construction practices leave a lot to be desired, with many companies just constructing wooden boxes without insulation or vapour sealing. The UK general public sees sauna as something done after a workout, and usually only to be tolerated for ten minutes whilst staring at a sand-timer. Little do they know that a session in an authentic sauna is usually recreational, enjoyable and sometimes lasting several hours.

Finnmark Ltd are making really positive change and they are doing it simply – by designing and building Finnish sauna properly with an emphasis on quality. For Finnmark Ltd, building sauna with correct ventilation, vapour sealing, insulation, kiuas (sauna stoves) with large stone capacities and a pursuit for truly excellent löyly, is still not enough. Finnmark source almost all their materials from genuinely Finnish suppliers, as well as distributing and retailing many Finnish sauna products on their website ( They aim to work entirely with Finnish companies, employing Finnish workers, using Finnish materials and in most cases, having the Finnish key flag (awarded to truly Finnish producers).

First international member of Sauna from Finland network

Finnmark Ltd is a family business whose passion for sauna spans generations. So far, they have had a great response, but the story of Finnmark’s success still only in its beginning. As part of their mission, they have become Sauna From Finland’s first international members. Finnmark Ltd hopes to work with Sauna From Finland to help further educated the public about the benefits of sauna when done the right way – the Finnish way!

To help achieve this goal, Finnmark Ltd has teamed up with Sauna From Finland on the launch of Sauna From Finland’s ‘Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate’. Sauna From Finland are introducing a new system with the aim of ensuring the quality of Finnish sauna experiences and sauna construction standards are maintained. The ‘Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate’ is awarded to sauna & sauna services internationally, assessed against the criteria of Sauna From Finland’s Quality Handbook. The Certificate communicates to customers, interest groups and businesses, a rating indicative of the quality and authenticity of your sauna and sauna experience, as well as the associated services. The rating of public/commercial saunas and services will be published on the Sauna From Finland website with the aim of educating and informing the public on the quality of the experience compared to the International standard.

Finnish companies ready for international markets

One of the Sauna from Finland member companies Narvi and their Export Manager Jesse Hamalainen comments:

“It was crystal clear from the very beginning. Finnmark Ltd had definitely realized the meaning of Finnish sauna and more importantly; what it doesn’t mean. For a Finnish sauna heater producer, it is comforting to know that there are dedicated people around the world making sure everyone has a chance to experience our sauna culture as it should.”

“Sauna is something we take as granted over here in Finland – it has always been a part of our life. We have to understand that this might be a completely new thing for other nations, and the best way to introduce this crucial part of our culture is to do it the right way at the first attempt. That’s why companies like Finnmark Ltd. are needed not only in the UK, but in every country with people who would love to try and experience the Finnish sauna. The quality certificate will leave no space for misinterpreting; only after visiting one of the certificated saunas you can tell whether you like it or not. My guess would be yes!”

Sauna From Finland membership is now being offered to selected companies operating outside Finland. These companies are specialists in reliably delivering quality sauna services and sell Finnish sauna products, like those of Sauna from Finland Finnish member companies, on the international market.

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