A Finnish sauna is a perfect place to rest, relax and focus on your health and well-being. Going to sauna reduces stress and improves quality of sleep. In the sauna, you can cleanse yourself both physically and mentally. The mind and body find harmony.

The sauna industry is going through a disruption in North America. Finnish style sauna competes with various forms of thermal therapy. Many end-users do not know the difference between one or the other. A lack of understanding and information has led to the sauna being poorly adopted. Sauna from Finland and North American Sauna Society believe that many saunas outside of Finland do not offer the enjoyability that the Finnish sauna experience does.

Spreading knowledge about multiple benefits of sauna

Typically, sauna users are not familiar with the truly Finnish way of using a sauna. This means that they do not make the most of the sauna’s health benefits. Going to sauna reduces stress and improves quality of sleep. It helps to bring harmony to the body and mind. The research work on cardiovascular research by Dr. Jari Laukkanen and his colleagues has brought sauna into the knowledge of more Americans. Sauna bathing can be proudly related to healthy lifestyle as the third pillar; Diet, exercise and sauna are a proven combination of good living. There will be a lot of new business for everyone as soon as the health-conscious American consumer has been won over.

Revontuli – the Northern Lights Resort

Sauna from Finland and North American Sauna Society have a partnership for spreading information and bringing new content to the North American Sauna Industry. Together they will share their knowledge about the many benefits of the Finnish sauna. The Finns know the product and the North American Sauna Society (NASS) knows the market. They are committed to reinforce the bridge between the American health conscious lifestyle and the Finnish sauna experience. The first step is to differentiate the Finnish Sauna concept on the US market. Sauna from Finland with its nearly 200 members and North American sauna society with its networks and membership in International Sauna Association are now starting this work and look forward to working together with all players within the industry.

About Sauna from Finland

Sauna from Finland association is the entry point to Finnish Sauna expertise. It is a network of nearly 200 companies, promoting business of companies within the sauna field. It also assists hotels and spas to implement an authentic Finnish sauna Experience – from beginning to end.

The ‘Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate’ is awarded to sauna & sauna services internationally, assessed against the criteria of Sauna from Finland’s Quality Handbook. The Certificate communicates to customers, interest groups and businesses, a rating indicative of the quality and authenticity of sauna and sauna experience, as well as the associated services. Quality handbook gives advice and food for thought in developing the Finnish sauna experience comprehensively.

About North American Sauna Society

North American Sauna Society (NASS) was established 2004 to promote Finnish style sauna bathing in North America. Their vision is built on the idea that if understood correctly, the Finnish sauna bathing tradition could reach way larger masses than today. It could be an actual alternative as a health-conscious quality time and form of social interaction in resorts, hotels, and so on. The important thing is that sauna bathing is understood as a healthy pastime and not a clocked activity as part of a structured exercise regimen.

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