The Finnish landscape architect from Hamburg, Anneli Wilska has a lifelong experience of Finnish sauna. She has a deep understanding of the sauna preferences of the German public. Anneli runs a private consulting and planning practice in Hamburg and co-operates with local sauna manufacturers. Together with Sauna from Finland, she promotes authentic Finnish Sauna Experience in Germany.

Creating authentic Finnish sauna experiences for private and commercial clients

A Finnish sauna is a popular standard among the wide range of different sauna types in Germany. The interest and demand for saunas has even increased during the pandemic.

Anneli Wilska develops sauna and garden solutions with Finnish flair for private customers and commercial sauna and SPA operators. She can assist your company in German language to apply for an “Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience” quality certificate. Sauna from Finland grants it.

Anneli offers you

  • a professional view and creative ideas for your Finnish sauna and the outdoor areas around your sauna.
  • Customer Journey – An inspection of your Finnish sauna facility from the customer’s perspective. (According to the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook.)
  • An application for “Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience” quality certificates from Sauna from Finland in German language.
  • Consulting and planning for natural outdoor areas around your sauna.
  • New sauna and garden solutions with Finnish flair.

Experiencing sauna and nature for deeply positive emotions

In Finland, the millions of small saunas are usually accompanied by natural surroundings around them. According to the core values of the Sauna from Finland network, Finnish sauna is highly multisensory experience. It happens before, between and after the hot „Löyly-phase“ in the sauna. The areas immediately outside of sauna, whether indoors or outdoors, are important in designing of an authentic Finnish sauna experience.

Anneli Wilska develops sauna and garden solutions, which consider the whole customer journey of the sauna experience. She creates outdoor spaces, which promote positive emotional experiences and wellbeing. Additionally, to preserve our natural environment, it is beneficial to enhance biodiversity and amount of green in our close surroundings.

Anneli Wilska, M.Sc. Landscape architecture

Gestaltung von Gärten und Außenanlagen, Hamburg, Germany

[email protected] +49 (0) 171 830 6801 (Private gardens and saunas) (Commercial sauna and garden solutions)

Project examples:

Private garden with sauna and swimming pool, Schleswig-Holstein

Private garden with a separate sauna terrace, Schleswig-Holstein

Indoor sauna with sauna garden, Hamburg

Sales Anneli Wilska

Email [email protected]

Phone 0171-830 6801

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