Beautifully designed outdoor sauna decorates the whole yard. Being separate from the residential building, it creates world of its own and helps to break away from the hectic everyday life.

Outdoor saunas possess long traditions. In Finland, the first solid saunas were built on yards and empty lots. Only since the 1950’s saunas were moved to indoors when housing cooperatives started to build them inside of high rise buildings for residents to share.

Abroad, building a sauna inside a house is rarely an option because of the building regulations and simply the fact that it’s not very common to have a sauna at all. Outdoor saunas have been the only option for a long time and they are actually growing popularity in Finland as well. Separate sauna cabins release space to other purposes inside the house, and walking across the yard to the sauna prepares for sauna bathing in an unique way. Outdoor sauna is a world of its own and a perfect place to take a moment for yourself without traveling any further.

If you’re dreaming of a outdoor sauna of your own, here are a few tips for you:
  1. Find out how much space you have for your sauna and if you need any permissions for building.
  2. Harvia Solide outdoor saunas are available in four sizes. The newcomer Solide Compact fits to smallest of yards and has space for 3-4 sauna bathers at a time. The design sauna features stylish outer surfaces made of light-coloured spruce. The black details create contrast, and the sleek and simple design fits in well with the look of new residential areas. Harvia 20 Pro woodburdning stove guarantees soft and humid heat. When delivered, the sauna is ready for installation. If you have more room in your yard, try Solide 3! In addition to sauna, dressing room, and shelter, Solide 3 also has a lounge room.
  3. What is the most typical time of day when you use the sauna? Place the sauna considering the compass points. If you go to sauna usually in the evening, place the sauna towards the sunset to enjoy the view while cooling down.
  4. What else you could add to the sauna experience? Harvia Solide Compact has a nice terrace to which you can place beautiful armchairs by Ecofurn. Perhaps you’d like to hop into a cold plunge or a hot tub in between the sauna sessions? Or enjoy a barbecue? Sauna doesn’t have to be separate from the rest of the yard—you can even build a summer kitchen next to eat and prepare some of your food, such as sausages, in the sauna!
  5. Remember to make sure that the sauna surroundings and the pathway to the sauna are safe and there’s no risk of slipping when coming out of the sauna all sweaty. Safety is the starting point of a great sauna experience!
+1 tip

Outdoor sauna is perfect for doing some traditional Finnish sauna treatments. Fill a big bowl with cool water and put in some wild herbs such as lavender. When you feel warm enough, dip your feet into the cool water and throw some löyly at the same time. The mixture of cool and warmth feels wonderful!

Article written in co-operation with Sauna from Finland’s strategic partner Harvia.

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