High-quality Finnish sauna design creates just the right atmosphere for relaxation. When the desired style, space, and other requirements are in order, each sauna can be tailored to meet specific needs and made completely unique.

Harvia is a global one-stop shop for saunas and spas. The company provides different kinds of saunas and accessories worldwide, including digital solutions and saunas, infrared cabins, and steam rooms for homes, hotels and spas.

“When a client asks our partners to build a sauna, the client usually has an idea or a plan for the sauna, with some details and dimensions. They mostly look for a traditional Finnish sauna where steam is produced with a pail of water and a ladle in the traditional way. They already have a conception of the ideal sauna. On the other hand, in the German and Alpine areas such as Austria and Switzerland in particular, more and more customers choose combination saunas with lower temperatures and more steam generated by a small evaporator integrated into the heater”, says Mario Hörletseder, Area Sales Manager of Sentiotec, a subsidiary of Harvia Group.

Heaters for every need

The heater is the heart of the sauna, and has to fit the sauna design. Harvia offers more than 80 different heaters, so clients are sure to find just the right heater for their taste. Some are very modern, cubic, straight-lined black heaters (for example, a Harvia Virta, sentiotec Qube or Home-Heater) with optionally integrated evaporators that fit modern saunas with a lot of glass. Other, rustic heaters with a large volume of sauna stones for real sauna enthusiasts are suitable for more traditional saunas.


Harvia and sentiotec have developed different control panels for remote control of the sauna. In private saunas, the focus is on the aesthetic design of the panel. In public saunas functionality and quality are the most important requirements. Nowadays clients are also interested in using various electronic applications to remotely control the sauna with a smartphone or computer. Safety is also important. Harvia’s heaters have safety switches which turn the heater off if anything is on top of it. This is especially useful in public saunas.

You can find all the core elements of the Finnish sauna in recently publishes Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook. Order it in Veico’s webstore!

Article written in cooperation with Harvia, the long-time strategic partner of Sauna from Finland.

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