Are you wondering how to design a Finnish sauna of your own? This article is a follow-up for the article “Tips for building your own sauna – How to start?”. Make sure to read it before checking this list of tips that presents what elements ensure a more pleasant and high-quality sauna experience. After all, the design doesn’t only contain a heater and benches.

  • The heater will be more efficient and create better löyly if air is able to circulate through the heater. The stones of the heater should be stacked loosely so that there is as much space as possible for the air to circulate. If the stones are packed too tightly, the heater may become too hot, damaging its resistors.
  • Sauna benches are made of wood. The most commonly used varieties are spruce, pine, alder, and aspen. When choosing your benches, you will need to decide on their design, material, and finish. There are a wide variety of different models and materials available.
  • Now it’s time to consider your sauna’s lighting. A beautiful, dim light will increase your enjoyment of the sauna and create a pleasant atmosphere. A traditional solution is to light the sauna from beneath the benches with an incandescent bulb shaded by a wooden grate. Modern fiber optic lighting has now surpassed this option. Fiber optic lights are an easy way to create wonderful, atmospheric lighting in the sauna. You can recess the lights behind the sauna bench backrests or under the benches, for example, to create a dim atmosphere. Be sure to use lighting fixtures that are rated for wet locations and that your sauna lighting complies with the requirements of the electrical code. Have a professional electrician install the lights.

Design of sauna premises affects bather-friendliness

  • Consider the privacy of the bathers who will use your sauna. Do you want a direct line of sight into the sauna?
  • Think about the design of the dressing room. Where will the bathers leave their clothing and valuables? Where do you plan to store your bench covers and towels?
  • Sauna bathing requires a well-appointed space for washing oneself and showering. Carefully consider your needs for this space. A relaxing sauna experience should end with a relaxing shower.
  • Well-considered surface treatments, attractive sauna benches, and stylish lighting are the finishing touches of your sauna and will allow you to admire your sauna for years to come.
  • Top everything off with a few simple decorations, if you like, to make the sauna your own.
  • Finally, think about where you can cool off. Is there a way you can access the outdoors from the sauna? Could you put a Jacuzzi on the terrace, or some other feature to help you cool off and relax, like lounge chairs?

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Header image: Karelia Puutec

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