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There are different types of saunas in the world. For us Finns, sauna means traditional sauna or “dry sauna”, as it is called elsewhere. Finnish sauna is a unique and authentic place place to rest, relax, and focus on your health and well-being. Taking the Finnish sauna reduces stress and improves quality of sleep. You can cleanse yourself both physically and mentally. The mind and body find harmony.

Sauna is very much about being in the moment. It encourages the virtue of presence and feeds all your senses from the smell of birch leaves to the feel of the wooden benches, and the sound of water sizzling on the stones. It’s a way of being (if not even one) with nature through its organic materials and atmosphere, providing a profound pause from the urban. Many enjoy their sauna quiet, but there will often be calm discussions while enjoying a pampering steam.

Sauna has been part of Finnish tradition for centuries. Finnish saunas have always been almost sacred places; places where, after a day’s hard work, the sauna cleanses one’s body and mind. Did you know, that the Finnish sauna is a comprehensive experience? Not only it matters what you do in the sauna, but what you do before and after. Here are some tips to make you sauna experience an authentic and relaxing experience:

Before the sauna

  1. Drink a lot of water, preferably at least couple of glasses.
  2. Stop using smart devices and other technology early before going to the sauna. Focus on the upcoming sauna experience.
  3. Gather fresh branches from a birch tree and tie them up together with a string. Store in a bucket of water. This is called “vihta” or “vasta” in Finnish. It’s used in sauna to get the blood flow going: hit the wet birch whisk against your skin and enjoy the lovely scent. You can also crunch the leaves between your hands and mix them with the stove water, it spices up your “löyly” (evaporating water on the sauna stove).
  4. Heat up the sauna to the degree that fits you. Put the textile covers on the benches and get all sauna equipment ready. Invest on cleanness and natural materials.
  5. Get rid of makeup and other impurities before sauna by using Lumene Harmonia Nutri-Recharging Purifying Peat-To-Foam Cleanser. Harnessing the power of the Nordic Chaga, a mushroom superfood known as one of the most potent antioxidants, Harmonia complements your skin with ingredients containing essential micro-nutrients to restore its beautiful harmony and vibrancy.

In the sauna

  1. Minimize the lighting in the sauna. Enjoy natural light coming from a window or light candles in a dusky sauna.
  2. Pay attention to all your senses: what does it feel, smell, sound, taste or look like in the sauna. Focus on each sense at a time.
  3. Listen to your body. Stay in the sauna as long as it feels good, and go outside to cool down from time to time. You can hop in a pool or a lake, or stay under a cool shower for a while. You can also splash your skin with cool water while in the sauna.
  4. After the first cool down, you can add some Lumene Harmonia Nutri-Recharging Purifying Peat Mask on your face. It deeply purifies, decongests, and quickly rebalances the skin. Wash the mask off after 5-10 minutes.
  5. Remember to drink water while taking a sauna. Sauna bathing increases the heart beat and sweating, so make sure you have fresh water available.

After the sauna

  1. Wash yourself thoroughly. Shower calms the heart beat and finishes the process of physical and psychological sense of purification. Scrub your body with Lumene Harmonia Nutri-Recharging Salt Body Scrub. Sauna softens your skin and the scrub helps to get rid of excess skin cells.
  2. Wrap yourself in a soft bathrobe or towel and sit down for a minute. Enjoy the fresh and relaxed feeling.
  3. Have some refreshing food and drinks. For example, mineral water with lemon, rye chips with smoked salmon flavored cream cheese, and fresh berries are good snacks after sauna.
  4. Sauna is good for your skin. Moisturize your body with Lumene Harmonia Nutri-Recharging Nurturing Body Lotion and your face with Harmonia Nutri-Recharging Revitalizing Serum and Intense Moisturizer. Moisturized skin feels and looks better and glowing.
  5. When you’re ready, hop in to some fresh sheets to get your after-sauna sleep. Relaxing sauna experience enhances the quality of sleep and guarantees a well-rested night.

We wish you good times with your sauna!

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