The Finnish sauna is a place where the mind rests and the body relaxes. Many enjoy their sauna quiet, but there will often be calm discussions while enjoying a pampering steam.

The various spa and travel destinations in the world offer different kinds of spa and wellness services. However, authentic Finnish saunas are still hard to find. What if your customer could experience the authentic Finnish sauna experience too? One where all the elements are present in highest quality: authenticity, multiple senses, presence, relaxation, cleanliness, and well-being.

Sauna from Finland at your service!

With the quality work Sauna from Finland has created, each sauna can be the world’s best sauna. The certificate can be awarded to a sauna that’s safe, rich in experiences, and pleasant. Everything is high-quality from beginning to end: what happens before, during, and after the sauna. A quality handbook that helps with the development work gives advice on how to choose the sauna stove and materials. It also guides how to consider safety issues, pleasantness, and visitors of different ages.
“If you are planning on developing your current sauna service or building a new sauna, ask advice from Sauna from Finland – the experts on the best possible sauna experience, advices Carita Harju,” Executive Manager of Sauna from Finland.
Sauna from Finland has defined sauna experience values (authenticity, multiple senses, presence & relaxation, well-being & health, cleanliness, safety, and responsibility) that function as the basis for the criteria and quality classification. Once these criteria have been filled, any hotel or spa can apply for an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate for their sauna. The work that proceeds step-by-step helps the person building a sauna experience to consider the right things. The quality certificate can be awarded to different types of saunas (Urban, Spa, or Nature), whether it is a hotel sauna or a vacation home in the middle of nature.

Authenticity and nourishment for every sense

So what is a Finnish sauna experience like at its best?

A high-quality sauna experience is the joint result of several senses. This means experiences linked to hearing, vision, taste, touch, and smells. The Finnish sauna experience connects authentic natural elements, such as wood, water, fire, and traditional natural materials. For example, a sauna whisk made of birch branches and its smell, or a tar-like aroma in the sauna stove water give an authentic touch to the experience.

In the Finnish sauna experience, presence and relaxation mean a possibility to forget about time, worries, and the surrounding world. As a contrast to the busy world, going to the sauna is an ideal way to recover and to take care of your health. The health benefits of sauna have been researched a lot and it has been noted to have multiple kinds of health benefits.
“Cleanliness is one of the cornerstones of a high-quality sauna experience. Even if the experience was well-done otherwise, bad hygiene will ruin even the nicest sauna experience. This is why correct material choices and maintenance are among the crucial points in the quality certification,” Harju reminds us.

Interested? This is how to start!

The Sauna from Finland network promotes the business of companies within the sauna field. It also assists hotels and spas all around the world to implement an authentic Finnish sauna experience – from beginning to end. The network includes more than 180 companies within the sauna field, so you can find services and all the planning help you can imagine through our knowledgeable contact persons.

The Sauna from Finland network experts will help you create your authentic Finnish sauna experience! With our help, you can add a piece of the most authentic Finland to your service selection.
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