Sauna is one of the most important traditions for many Finnish families and friend groups during the holiday season. It is easy to get a more festive feeling into the sauna experience with some accessories and scents. Check the list written by Sauna from Finland for how to create a memorable tradition for your holiday time as well.

New water bucket and ladle combo

Are you throwing water on the stove with an old ladle made of plastic and struggling to reach the heater? Then it is time to get a new one. A new and stylish bucket and ladle combo brings a modern touch to the traditional sauna, and it is also a safer “tool” for sauna bathing. KOLO Bucket+Ladle is designed to work very well and to not leak. You can also purchase the bucket and ladle separately. There are two colour options, white and black, so the combo fits all kinds of sauna decors.

Presence of nature in any sauna using scents

The scent of the forest might be missing in city saunas with electric heaters, but sauna aromas can bring the authentic feeling surprisingly well to the experience. For example, in the selection of Osmia sauna aromas there are aromas of different trees or even the aroma of smoke sauna! Add a couple drops into the bucket, throw water into the stove, and close your eyes. Imagine yourself sitting in the sauna of your dreams.

Sauna treatments bring added enjoyment into the experience

Soft steam itself is already relaxing and make you feel better but the enjoyment it creates can be increased by trying out different treatments made in the sauna. Wellness products of Hukka Design, made of soapstone, bind and store both cold and warm and are suitable to use while relaxing in the sauna. Try, for example, Orbits Eye Stones or Guasha for decreasing under-eye bags or for relaxing the facial muscles. Follow @saunafulness on Instagram for more inspiration.

Prolong your relaxation after sauna

We all know how unpleasant it is to wear uncomfortable clothes right after bathing. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to do this if you spend holidays at home with close ones! Finnish textile companies offer a wide selection of different options, from bath robes and towels into slippers that make your continuation of holidays after the sauna more comfortable. Lahtiset felt footwear is traditional and suitable for walking from outdoor sauna to home even in wintertime. Textiles of Pikkupuoti Ltd. are made for anyone who loves unique, bold and colourful patterns. It is nice to wrap your wet hair with a separate hair towel designed just for this purpose. These can be found for example at Luin Living.

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