Did you know that ‘sauna’ is originally a Finnish word? It is the only word in Finnish language that has not been translated. It is a reference to a hot, humid room in languages all over the world.

An authentic sauna includes parts and equipment from Finland. However, authenticity doesn’t mean that the sauna should be old and traditional. An authentic Finnish sauna experience can also be modern and trendy.

When the parts and equipment of a sauna experience are Finnish, sauna bathers know that they get an authentic feeling. Many companies not only sell and design their products in Finland but also manufacture them there from the scratch, using as many local materials as possible.

Jokipiin Pellava roll towel and seat cover

How to know if my sauna experience is from Finland?

Whether building or developing a sauna, it is a clever idea to check if the equipment purchased are from Finland. If a company’s functions are in Finland, it is often written on its website, or in other promotional materials. You can also always ask directly about the company’s manufacture processes if you want to know where it is made.

The Key Flag Symbol additionally helps customers to choose the Finnish alternative. The Key Flag Symbol (Avainlippu) can be awarded to a product manufactured or a service produced in Finland. This is one sign that helps you notice that the products are Finnish. Multiple Sauna from Finland network companies have the Key Flag Symbol awarded for their products and/or services. See some examples below.

A complete sauna experience made in Finland

VETO electric sauna heater

The ‘heart’ of the sauna is the heater or the stove that provides the lovely heat in the sauna. VETO sauna heaters are 100% made in Finland according to high standards and quality craftsmanship.

“By having our whole production in Finland, we can support the Finnish economy, employ local professionals, and ensure that the professionalism of the sauna industry is maintained in Finland, the land of three million saunas. Also, we know that our sauna heaters are made of the highest quality.”

Riina Salokangas, VETO

The Harvia M3 stove works best for a small wood-heated sauna. The stove features a glass door, enabling the glowing fire to create a traditional sauna atmosphere.

Harvia M3 wood-burning stove

Tulikivi Tuisku XL is an electric sauna heater suitable for even large saunas. With 120 kg of sauna stones, the heater guarantees an intense sauna experience. Its soapstone surface is timeless and helps to dry out sauna afterwards.

Tulikivi Tuisku XL

Finnish sauna experience stimulates all senses

Multisensorial Finnish sauna experience considers all the five senses, vision, smell, touch, taste, and hearing, as part of the entirety. People prefer diverse kinds of sense experiences. Some enjoy the smell of birch in the sauna room, other appreciate traditional smell of smoke sauna. Mixing a few drops of Osmia sauna aroma in the löyly water before throwing it on the stones alters the atmosphere of the sauna experience in a few seconds.

Osmia Sauna Aromas

Lighting in the sauna has an important impact on the sauna experience. Lighting is one of the most important things to consider when designing a sauna also at Cariitti.

Cariitti fibre optic lighting sets for sauna ceiling and benches

In addition to creating löyly, another part of Finnish sauna bathing is cooling down between sessions. The hot-cool temperature alteration makes the blood flow and increases the heartbeat, which are great for your health. An outdoor pool is a luxurious alternative for natural waters. Drop is an outdoor pool that offers everyday luxury at a home yard, terrace, or holiday home’s beach. Drop is growing fast and will double the sales this year again. The company has found many new partners in Europe.

Drop outdoor spa

For walking to your outdoor pool or lake shore, you will need something to wear on your feet. For example, in Finland it is important especially during wintertime. Lahtiset company is a speaker on behalf of domestic handicrafts and has been functioning for 100 years. Felt production is a Finnish tradition.

Lahtiset felt boots for men

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