The Finnish sauna experience is good for the body and mind alike. Above all, sauna bathing is about taking care of yourself. The many scientifically proven health effects of the Finnish sauna make it an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

A Finnish sauna experience that promotes health and wellbeing is the sum of many factors. It is important to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the sauna experience. All the elements used must be of good quality and built to a high technical standard. When the sauna is thought of as an experience, it expands and becomes more diverse. The experiences promote wellbeing. They can be thought of as being more necessary the more demanding people’s lives are. In a hectic world, a Finnish sauna experience calms the body and mind, and provides energy that helps you cope with everyday life.

Before the sauna

filling water bucket
Photo: Harvia

The relaxing atmosphere of the sauna experience begins in the changing rooms. You cannot bring any technological devices like smart phones or tablets in the wet areas or in the sauna. This takes the sauna bather away from social media and from information overload. Bather’s eyes, brains and thoughts get to rest for a while.

At this point it is also suggested to drink some water. It is important to stay hydrated when the temperature in the environment is much higher than to what the body is used to.

During the sauna

In the sauna, the most important thing of course is just to relax. Sit or lie down, whichever position is the most comfortable for you. You can close your eyes, be alone with your thoughts and meditate, or have a chill conversation with the fellow sauna bathers.

Drop Design Pool
Photo: Drop Design Pool

What makes Finnish sauna experience so loved is that everyone can stay as much or little time in the sauna as they like. The cooling off is just as important to create contrast to the hot air you experience in the sauna. Take a quick shower, go outside to take a breather and again, have some water.

Hydrotherapy increases sauna bather’s wellbeing as part of a perfect sauna experience. Lying in a hot tub or spa pool boosts your metabolism and immune system, among many other benefits for the body. It is a brilliant contrast for sitting in the hot steams of the sauna especially because the hydrostatic pressure of water makes our heart rate go down which has been increased by sauna. Warm water has similar health benefits to the Finnish sauna: de-stressing effects, recovering, and improvement for the quality of sleep. Read more.

Massage is a traditional way to ease the tension of the muscles. This treatment works even more efficiently in the hot sauna and if you purchase massage stones, you can do this by yourself! Best massage stones hold coolness, so they don’t become hot in the sauna and they feel comfortable on the skin.

After the sauna

When you decide you are done with the sauna session, take your time to get washed and to take care of your skin with moisturizing products. Wrap yourself into a soft towel or bathrobe and have a moment to calm down. The feeling of relaxation does not end in the sauna so do not worry about rushing. And again, remember to drink water.

Photo: Kupilka

The multisensorial sauna experience can be fulfilled with delicious and healthy food and drinks. If you choose fresh and nutritious food to have after the sauna session, the health effects and your overall wellbeing is multiplied.

Photos from the export members of Sauna from Finland network.
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Health benefits: Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook (2021)

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