The sauna experience has grown to include many environments and designs – outdoor, indoor, and everything in-between. Infrared, steam, and spa elements are growing in popularity too, as innovation and wellness trends drive more ways to experience healing with heat.

#healingwithheat – the regular practice of sauna & spa bathing for all its associated health and wellness benefits

Indoor saunas

A sauna indoors makes the experience that much more convenient. Within the comforts of home, there is never an excuse to neglect your self-care routine. When installed correctly, maintenance of an indoor sauna can be much easier than outdoor saunas.

The heart of the indoor sauna is typically powered by an electric heater, making a variety of capabilities possible. Electric heaters equipped with a control panel give the user access to features such as timing, temperature, lighting, safety sensors and more – such as with Harvia’s Xenio WiFi control panel.

Indoor saunas can also be easily equipped with infrared panels to create a hybrid sauna.

Infrared cabins can be considered a convenient alternative to indoor saunas if the user prefers more gentle and dry heat. Read more about the health benefits of infrared here!

Indoor saunas at glance:

  • convenience from the comforts of home
  • variety of features from the control panel features
  • option to include infrared technology
  • widest variety of design options

Bathroom saunas

In Finland, many homes, apartments, and cottages are built with a sauna as part of the bathroom. Tiled floors ensure that the sauna and bathroom surfaces are easily cleanable. Access to the shower makes hygiene and cooling off refreshing and convenient. Bathrooms may be designed with saunas initially or retrofitted with foldable saunas.

Every home renovation is unique! Harvia offers a myriad of pre-cut indoor sauna models for installation, and a sauna designer tool for custom projects. Read more about designing saunas from Harvia’s guide.

Harvia’s SmartFold sauna can be retrofitted in most bathrooms. Smart and convenient, its foldable design saves valuable floorspace when not in use. Included in every SmartFold is the Unio heater – specifically designed for this sauna to save space and provide heat from top to bottom. Safety sensors ensure that the heater switches on only when the sauna is unfolded and ready for use.

Bathroom saunas at glance:

  • space saving solution
  • easy care and maintenance
  • solution for all ages and abilities


Steam & spa bathing for wellness has been in practice for thousands of years, with benefits that cover hygiene, health and wellness, respiratory function, and beauty/skin care. Ancient Greek and Roman bathing practices shaped the spa experience we know today. The modern steam room may be designed for 1-2 people, or large enough to fit a group of 8 or more.

Compared with a sauna, steam rooms are set for lower heat (roughly 48°C, 120°F) and higher humidity (reaching 100%). Steam rooms are completely tiled so that cleaning the surfaces after a session is easy. Personal steam rooms should be wiped clean of moisture after use and disinfected with an antibacterial surface cleaner at regular intervals, according to the steam room’s level of use.

Harvia’s offering includes the essentials needed to create the perfect steam room: steam generators, water softener systems, spa modules, and steam rooms for private and public use.

Steam & spa at a glance:

  • gentle heat
  • high humidity
  • all the benefits of #healingwithheat


Infrared cabins are seeing an increase in popularity for those interested in an alternative method of #healingwithheat. Providing many of the same health benefits of the sauna, heat from infrared panels penetrates muscles and joints with deep relaxing infrared light waves.

An infrared cabin is designed much like the indoor sauna, featuring a cozy interior with wooden benches, typically with enough room for 1-2 people. Infrared panels function as backrests and/or are inlayed in the walls so that the heat is wrapped around the user from all directions (back, front, & calves).

The dry heat of the infrared sauna enables the user to read a book or listen to music with their headphones, because they won’t get wet. Meditation and stretching is also a way to relax even more in sauna.

Harvia offers users both separate infrared panels and ready-made infrared cabins. The panels can be included in custom infrared cabins or integrated with the traditional sauna design to create a hybrid sauna.

Infrared at a glance:

  • shorter start-up time
  • targeted deep muscle relaxation
  • dry heat
  • safe and easy to use

A sauna for everyone

Surely there is a sauna type for all! Regardless of your current habits, sauna bathing can be added to your wellness routine. As the sauna experience continues to grow worldwide, new practices and sauna designs continue to emerge. Whatever your preferences are, the Harvia sauna & spa experience is made to be accessible to all. Looking only for a sauna heater? See here all Harvia’s heater solutions.

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