The sauna interior, its design and style should always be considered as single element, not as separate elements. Sauna design and décor is never only about the lighting or the wall panels or benches. The materials must be especially durable and allow seamless integration of the various elements.

Cariitti is a family company that employs 17 people. 35 percent of its products are exported, and 65 percent are sold in Finland. In 2018, they turned to sauna interior décor with the launch of their own Taive sauna collection, in addition to their lighting products.

The company’s managing director, Peter Ruokonen, talks about the beginning of the company. “My father, Kari, invented the name Cariitti. It is based in ancient Greek mythology, where Charites were the goddesses of beauty, attraction, and fertility. Their mission was to create joy and abundance for people. This is one of the basic ideas behind our business. It means that the sauna and bathroom premises should be as attractive as possible. We value beauty, and that reflects in everything we do.”

Cariitti TAIVE collection is the result of versatile expertise

Cariitti TAIVE collection includes sauna benches and wall panels, as well as seats and cabinets for the sauna’s dressing rooms. Headrests and sauna door handles, and wall mounted handrails complement the collection, which make it safer and easier to get on the benches. The sauna design includes the functionality of the sauna, technical implementation with ventilation, surface materials and lighting.

Every sauna is individual. In Peter Ruokonen’s opinion, a quality sauna experience is about managing the overall experience.

“The sauna is a sum of its parts! Cleanliness, hygiene, comfort, style, design: they all give a good first impression. One of the main factors that influences the sauna experience is ventilation – if everything else is perfect but the ventilation is poor, the sauna can be uncomfortable and unpleasant.”

Read here about Cariitti’s lighting collection.

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