A safe sauna is a stylish sauna. Including the proper safety options in your sauna also serves as a good opportunity to add those final details, which make the sauna experience even more enjoyable. With Harvia’s safety options every age group can enjoy the sauna safely and focus on relaxing instead of worrying. Article produced in cooperation with Harvia.

Surround your heater with a safety rail to minimize any contact to the hot heater. Anyone can take a misstep in the sauna, but when you have a safety rail attached to the heater you can avoid touching the hot heater. In addition, a protective sheath around the heater brings nice form to your sauna while also decreasing the required safety distances around the heater.

Lighting brings more than just atmosphere – it is one of the key safety aspects in a sauna. You would want to see where you are stepping, right? With Harvia’s lighting options you can bring plenty of light to your sauna. Enhance your safety rails with LED strips to create a luminous effect around your heater, attach the strips underneath your benches for atmospheric indirect lighting or light up the sky of your sauna with Luminous fibre lights and start stargazing while enjoying the healing heat.

It is of utmost importance to always use all your Harvia products according to their instructions given in the manuals. Sauna is not only available for everyone, but also safe for everyone.

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