Ledify‘s sauna LED lighting is made for all kinds of saunas from luxurious spas to private wood-burning saunas. As a Finnish family business, traditional Finnish values guide their operations. The values are reliability, authenticity, and perseverance with a close relationship with nature.

In recent years, there has been a new focus on building and equipping saunas – the sauna is no longer just a place to wash. The sauna is preferably luxurious, the place of relaxation according to the needs of its users, the materials and colors match the taste of the users. The same trend is salient in the sauna lighting. The focus is on lighting and the luminaires should be to be suitable for the interior of everyone’s own sauna. The shape, materials, light color and dimmability of the luminaires are the basic criteria, as well as domesticity and low power consumption.

Increasing focus on sauna lighting design

The saunas now include unprecedented luminaires unique in design. The luminaire may be visible, but its light source shall not. “Invisible sauna lights”, placed under benches or behind backrests, are also popular, creating a smooth light between beautiful structures.

Photo: Anna Ruotanen/ Sauna from Finland

Ledify’s main products have earned the Finnish Key Flag Symbol which states that the products are manufactured in Finland, mostly by Finnish workforce. Therefore, SaunaLED lighting series withstands the highest Finnish sauna standards. The series also look nice and work well in the ceiling of the sauna room which often becomes the hottest part of the room.

KUIVI LED sauna luminaire is a modern model of a traditional Finnish sauna lamp with alder shade and LED inside. It gives a comfortable light to modern as well as traditional saunas.

Ledify’s passion is to create sauna specific lighting products. They can provide unique solutions for your specific needs. After all, Ledify’s motto is: “Let us light up your sauna experience.”

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