Glass walls, doors, and windows give saunas airiness, light, and design beauty. Sauna doors and bathroom mirrors that fit your taste and dreams can be found at Andres Glass Solutions, standard or custom-sized.

With glass walls and windows on a Finnish sauna, nothing is preventing the sauna bathers from enjoying the views while sitting in the steam. When the sauna solution is all-glass, the sauna and the bathroom feel more spacious and lighter.  However, remember this! Sometimes people do not install lights in glass-walled saunas, because they think there is enough light from the bathroom side. The light comes through the glass wall without emphasizing the fine board and panel solutions and compromises the senses of security – not to mention that the maintenance of the sauna becomes more difficult. Therefore, design the sauna lighting carefully, if you don’t have the option to have windows on your sauna.

Andres Glass sauna doors, windows, and walls

When the glass doors are handmade by Andres, they are safe and unique at the same time. With proper care, Andres Glass sauna doors can last up to 10 years. Glass as a material is easy to maintain. Customers will be given an installation manual for this. The durability and safety are ensured by tempered glass and wood frames that won’t bend in the temperature fluctuations. The Andres’ sauna windows are also made of safe, tempered glass. On you may type the size of the window that you want or the dimensions, colour, and type of sauna that the glass wall is installed into to help you make a request.

Andres Glass bathroom products

In Andres Glass Solutions’ opinion, the shower enclosure is the most striking detail in the bathroom. Therefore, it should fit the interior design of the rest of the bathroom. The shower walls, doors, and enclosures are made of high-quality materials.

Because the mirrors that Andres Glass Solutions provides are handmade, you can be sure that the production is top-class. The variety and wide selection of shapes and sizes open unlimited possibilities to frame your reflection in the bathroom. The option to add LED lights in your mirror helps, for example, to apply make-up during the dark winter months or in a bathroom that doesn’t have any natural lighting.

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