The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate puts the finishing touches to a hotel experience full of Lappish magic.

Sauna from Finland awarded the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate to the sauna experiences of the hotel rooms at Lapland Hotels Bulevardi during the 10th anniversary starter event, arranged at the Savutuvan Apaja on May 9th.

When visiting the recently opened Lapland Hotels Bulevardi in the centre of Helsinki, the guests can get a taste of Northern atmosphere in the middle of the capital city. Drawing on Lappish nature and stories, the hotel provides an impressive setting and food for all senses, offering foods with genuine flavours, comfortable rooms, and amazing meeting facilities. The package is completed by 102 hotel room saunas.

Sauna from Finland was involved in the design of the room sauna experience concepts as early as in the construction stage of the hotel. The cooperation began when Lapland Hotels Regional Manager Leena Turunen took part in the international networking event World Sauna Forum arranged by Sauna from Finland, held in autumn of 2017.

We began conceptualising the sauna experiences in the following summer. We created several model concepts, out of which those most suitable for the needs and wishes of the customers at Lapland Hotels Bulevardi were chosen. We also commissioned a thesis project that focused on the development of room sauna experiences, says Sauna from Finland Executive Manager Carita Harju.

The goal of designing the sauna experience was to highlight the central elements of a Finnish sauna experience based on research data: authenticity, multisensority, presence, cleanliness, relaxation, and well-being. The experiential packages were finished after the hotel opened, in order to hone their functionality and customer paths to perfection.

Leena Turunen thinks that the project turned out very well.

It was our goal to create a delightful sauna and spa world that leaves the guests gasping for breath. We succeeded in that. The rooms contain some of the most impressive room sauna experiences in the world. Guest feedback has been amazing, Turunen rejoices.

The elements of the room saunas’ experiences come from the Sauna from Finland business network. Harvia and Saunamax designed and built the saunas, and supplementary elements were provided by Hukka Design soapstone products, Luhta textiles, and sauna cosmetics from Lumene and Rentosauna.

The sauna instructions based on the experiential thinking of Sauna from Finland guide the guests to an authentic Finnish sauna experience.

The instructions can be found on the room TV screens, and they have also been printed on wooden plaques by Veico, the manufacturer of wooden products.

The cooperation between Sauna from Finland and Lapland Hotels culminates at the 10th anniversary starter event arranged by Sauna from Finland on May 9th, where the room saunas at Lapland Hotels Bulevardi was awarded the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate. The certificate is a signal to the hotel guests, indicating that authentic, high-quality, and comprehensive wellness experiences can be had there.

It is a joy and an honour to be able to award this certificate to such a successful project, which will provide hotel guests with relaxation and peace in the middle of the beat of the city, states Harju.

Sauna from Finland works to create the best sauna experience in the world. Their professional network will help in tailoring sauna experiences at e.g. homes, hotels, spas, and fitness centres. The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate can be applied for private and guest sauna services, among others.

The World Sauna Forum 2019 is held in Tampere on 3.-4.10.2019. This international sauna and wellness business training and networking event is meant for everyone working in the sauna and wellness industries, ranging from service providers to product manufacturers.

Photo credit: Juuso Holstein (Lapland Hotels Oy)

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