Recently established Taiwan Sauna Association takes the Finnish sauna to Taiwan markets in co-operation with Sauna from Finland.

In the beginning of June 2019, Sauna from Finland traveled to Taiwan to celebrate newly founded Taiwan Sauna Association (TSA). The “Nordic Week” themed event was organized at Seth Ascetic, premium health club and Sauna from Finland member based in Taichung. The two-day celebration consisted of speeches, sauna tours, whisking demonstrations, and presentations about the Finnish sauna experience and businesses. Hotel and spa managers, builders, retailers and VIP guests got to know different kinds of ways of experiencing Finnish sauna.

“We’re happy to have all the foreign guests from Finland, Japan, Hong Kong. We wanted to introduce Taiwanese the experience and benefits of sauna, the difference among sweat bath in Taiwan and worldwide, and make them experience Finnish sauna at the last session of the event,” says the founder of TSA Karl Chi.

Karl Chi
Mission to link Finnish and Taiwanese companies

TSA aims to increase knowledge about the numerous benefits of sauna bathing and authentic Finnish sauna experience in Taiwan. It also helps in creating a sauna experience of their own by linking the Finnish sauna companies and Taiwanese clients.

“Although there are tons of sauna-like spaces in Taiwan, most of them are not welcomed and are even disliked, because people know little about sauna and even think it is nothing but a dry, hot, and stuffy room next to the pool. However, my experience of having sauna in Finland was really enjoyable. Thus we decided to establish TSA and share the happiness of sauna with people in Taiwan,” Chi says.

“We hope to deliver the message of 1) building and enjoying sauna in a safe and sanitary way, 2) making people experience authentic sauna without flying abroad, 3) providing people another option for body and mind relaxation in the roaring city, and 4) facilitating the health and fitness business among Taiwan and other countries.”

Fitness and wellness are booming

According to Chi, the Finnish sauna has a huge potential in the Taiwan markets. Nowadays people pay more attention to maintaining physical and mental health. Wellness has become as important as wealth in an aging society. According to the report Asia: The Future of Global Wellness Tourism, the ratio of people spending time on retreat and travel is increasing significantly.

“We’re very excited about the co-operation with Sauna from Finland. The network of Sauna from Finland is well organized, you can reach the right company or person FAST through it without sending dozen of mails to those look-like-the-one companies and going through times of back-and-forth mail conversation,” Chi says.

Satu Freyberg is excited about the co-operation as well. She is in charge of the International Marketing at Sauna from Finland:

“We are very happy about the work TSA does for the Finnish sauna in Taiwan. Finnish sauna has a great advantage with its health benefits, natural materials and cultural history. We can provide high-quality services and products to Taiwanese service providers, builders, and individual consumers. Finnish sauna experience fits all kinds of needs, Freyberg says.

Chi says that in the future TSA aims to build multiple Finnish saunas around Taiwan. Transportable options interest them as well.

“Since there are more than 10 aboriginal tribes and cultures in Taiwan, and also lots of native plants here, we hope we can build our own sauna culture in the future by discovering how aboriginal people did sweat bathing in the past.”

The following companies of Sauna from Finland network were present at the Nordic Week event: Boatsauna, Harvia, Hukka Design, Jokipiin Pellava, Nystad Sauna Company, Osmia, Saunastore, Veico, Vetokiuas.

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