“Quietness and nature, relaxation and well-being, experientialism. In the world, these things that are often mundane for us Finns are defined as luxury, which opens up new business opportunities for us”, writes our internationalization expert Satu Freyberg.

Satu Freyberg
Satu Freyberg

The hectic work life, an ever-connected social media life and congested living environments have led to a new definition of luxury. Modern luxury means own space, calming down, simple being, appreciation of nature and well-being.

Luxury is also defined as experiences that appeal to multiple senses. At its best, the Finnish sauna experience is exactly this and even more, because the sauna has also been studied to promote physical health. The Finnish sauna experience, combined with quality products, treatments and delicious food, is a very competitive alternative to the world citizens’ longing for luxury. In the following, three customer groups that are addressed by this experience are presented.


Distinctiveness through the Finnish sauna experience

Hotels, spas and wellness centers consider different options for large spas, such as smaller rental saunas and the possibility to use outdoor spaces. People do not want to be in large groups at the time of corona and new uses for outdoor spaces are also actively sought. At the same time, companies are looking for distinctive factors when competing for customers.

The Finnish sauna experience fits to both of these points nicely. It differs from both infrared and Turkish saunas as well as from the widespread German sauna culture. The business network of Sauna from Finland has now the opportunity to present the Finnish sauna in response to the corona time and life after that. We guide you on how to develop and create a holistic sauna experience. Among others, safety and cleanliness issues play here an important role. We also inform about what a Finnish sauna should be like at its best. Our network offers various sauna options, accessories and concepts, utilizing also different outdoor spaces in a new way.

Sauna from Finland

Food and drinks as part of the sauna experience

The Tasteful by Sauna from Finland concept incorporates also food and drinks into the sauna experience, increasing the experientialism. In the past, various skin care, textile, interior design, lighting and sauna accessories as well as different treatments have already played a significant role. In the sauna experience, it is very important what happens before and after the sauna, and therefore bringing Finnish food into the whole makes it even more interesting for international customers.

Anna Ruotanen / Sauna from Finland


Renovations and developing outdoor areas

According to data from companies, various home improvement and repair projects in households have recently increased sharply. Yard saunas appear to be particularly in demand. Households want to expand the living area from the interior to the outside and often, for example, in addition to the pool/tub, a sauna is an interesting purchase. One customer base in Germany, for instance, consists of the younger generations. They renovate houses that they have inherited from their parents. They have the enthusiasm to build saunas in their houses instead of old baths or to renew and renovate existing saunas.

Harvia Solide Compact / Harvia

Individual people

Regular sauna bathing strengthens the immune system

People take more and more care of their well-being. We know about the health effects of the sauna. The immune system and resilience are also discussed widely in the world. When used regularly, the Finnish sauna causes many positive health effects and thereby enhances its interest and popularity. Many people also feel increasingly stressed and, as we know, sauna helps here too. How many of us go to the sauna in a bad mood and come back from there in a good mood – this is a real luxury.

Well-being experiences create a balanced life

I go to sauna on a daily basis and I have seen both its short-term benefits (stress relief, better sleep, more energy) and long-term benefits (dropping blood pressure, thankful skin, less flu). It is a pleasure to market the Finnish sauna experience when you know and have experienced its many benefits.

Customers interested in the sauna can be found all over the world. Interesting projects are being launched in both Europe and Asia. People are more interested in their own and their loved ones’ well-being. They are longing for well-being experiences such as the Finnish sauna in order to compensate for this uncertain world situation.

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