Sauna from Finland network travels to Germany to create high quality sauna experiences to the citizens and visitors of Cologne as well as at aquanale, one of the world’s biggest and most important marketplaces for the swimming pool, sauna and wellness industry.


Sauna is a perfect place to rest, relax, and focus on your health and well-being. Taking a
sauna reduces stress and improves quality of sleep. In the sauna, one can cleanse both
physically and mentally. Sauna is very much about being in the moment. As an environment,
it’s one that denies distractions like social media, encouraging the virtue of presence.

The Finnish sauna has been scientifically proven to have a variety of health benefits. Most
notably, regular sauna attendance helps avert hypertension, and consequently also other
cardiovascular diseases, not to mention the threat of sudden cardiac death.

– Authentic Finnish sauna experience is based on strong values aimed at the presence,
wellbeing and relaxation of people. Therefore, at the heart of the experience are the
multisensory values that are complemented by the purity and safety of the saunas,
says Satu Freyberg, who’s in charge of the international marketing at Sauna from

The association has nearly 200 member companies working for the best sauna experience in
the world. The members include for example manufacturers, service providers, and
professionals, who provide everything needed to create an authentic and high-quality Finnish
sauna experience to hotels, gyms, spas, and private homes.

A traditional Finnish sauna is a comfortably sized, wood-line room equipped with a heater
that is filled with rocks. Users have access to supply of water they can ladle over the top of
the rocks to control the heat and humidity (‘löyly’ in Finnish) in the sauna.

– Sauna reinvention is taking place world-wide. Together with national uniqueness and
cultural legacy, Finnish sauna gives a variety of benefits for all people: health- related
solutions, lifestyle benefits, exotic touch and the best way to spend time with nearest
and dearest, Freyberg says.

In the beginning of November, companies from Sauna from Finland network travel to
Cologne, Germany, to introduce the Finnish sauna experience. The goal is to bring saunas
and accessories related to the experience right to the city center. Everyone is welcomed to
experience the wonders of the Finnish sauna by visiting the venue. The companies also
participate at aquanale, an international trade fair for swimming pool, sauna, and wellness
industry, during 5th – 8th of November.

– aquanale is this year the world´s largest trade fair for all themes and products
revolving around private and public swimming pools, saunas, whirlpools, spa and
wellness facilities. Nowhere else can all market partners gain a comprehensive
overview of new developments: new technologies, product innovations, optimized
processes and visionary plans. And all that on four compact days of business in
Cologne! says Matthias Pollmann, Vice President of Koelnmesse.

You get to meet the following Sauna from Finland network companies in Cologne:
Boatsauna, Cariitti, Finnsauna, Harvia, Huliswood, Jokipiin Pellava, Lahtiset, Luin Living,
Narvi, Nystad Sauna Company, Osmia, Ripavi, Salvos, Saunastore, and Veico.

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