Developing a hotel sauna experience might feel tricky. How could a sauna in an urban environment ever compete with the traditional sauna in the nature? However, it doesn’t have to compete with the traditional saunas since guests’ expectations of hotel saunas are different in general.

Sokos Hotels conducted a customer satisfaction study about hotel sauna experiences. According to the results, a high-quality urban hotel sauna must be clean. Additionally, for example, various products, tasty drinks, or cosmetics and skincare products make a memorable experience. Guests want to try out the sauna if they find out about the possibility to sauna bathe already at the hotel reception.

Best parts of the hotel sauna experience for guests:

  1. Efficient relaxation, washing up, and health benefits
  2. The sauna is a place for spending time with close ones and for talking with strangers.
  3. The sauna offers pleasure, helps to create contrast to the everyday life, and looks pleasant.
  4. Ethics, gentle steam moments, and the sauna culture traditions

Where to find a high-quality hotel sauna experience? The following urban Finnish hotel saunas have renewed their Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate in the past few months.

Lapland Hotels Bulevardi Sauna

Lapland Hotels Bulevardi

Lapland Hotels Bulevardi brings a piece of the Northern wellness into an urban environment. The sauna experience offers a relaxing moment in the middle of a busy day or before going to bed. Most of the rooms have their own sauna and many have a luxury spa space as well.

You may now relax and create a deeper connection with your body and mind at Lapland Hotels Bulevardi’s new Saunafulness package. It is a method created by author Carita Harju that deepens and fulfills the health benefits of the sauna.

Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra

The sauna experience of Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra, situated in Jyväskylä, is a true nest of wellbeing. Separate sauna rooms for men (Alex) and women (Sandra), three jacuzzies, and various kinds of Lumene cosmetics bring pampering into everyday life. Cooling down after the sauna is extra refreshing with water and fresh fruits. The pictures on the walls represent the love for the hotel’s hometown.

Original Sokos Hotel Villa

Original Sokos Hotel Villa is in a great area for being in the World Sauna Capital. Design and craftmanship are present everywhere in the hotel that is built in an old granary. The sauna has received recognition from guests, for example, for its soft steam and beautiful, well-thought lighting. Even the pictures on the wall of the dressing rooms bring up lovely feelings.

Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone Kotka

Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone in Kotka is a place for enjoying gentle steam above the town rooftops. Each of the three customer saunas has a relaxing view over the town. The traditional Finnish saunas bring a moment of celebration in everyday life in the maritime-themed hotel.

Original Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa

The large sauna on the 11th floor of Original Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa has views on the Gulf of Bothnia and in the city center. The experience includes an indoor pool for cooling down in between sauna sessions. Sun shines through the large windows. The lights on the backwall create atmosphere. You can continue relaxing after the sauna with drinks and snacks on the terrace on top of Vaasa.

Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund

Original Sokos Hotel Wiklund offers a wide selection of restaurants, pampering treatments, creative and inspiring meeting rooms, and shopping possibilities. Hotel’s Wihta sauna has been built according to customers’ wishes. The shaped hammock sauna benches remind of sunbeds. The lounge area of the sauna is just as trendy as the hotel everywhere else as well.

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