Finnish sauna is trending more than ever, as it is the perfect solution for busy people who want to relax and release their stress in the hectic world. Sauna from Finland works relentlessly for the visibility of the authentic Finnish sauna in the international media.

Year 2019 was successful for the Finnish sauna: the authentic sauna experience received a broad coverage in the international media. Over 500 million international readers and viewers read articles and watched news about the different aspects of the Finnish sauna during autumn 2019 only.

“Autumn was a great time for the Finnish sauna. We organized our third international training and business event World Sauna Forum and invited international media representants to Tampere, Finland, to experience the authentic Finnish sauna experience by themselves. This one media trip lead to huge media coverage especially in Japan, China, Germany, Russia, and France”, says Elina Heininen, Communications and Event Manager of Sauna from Finland.

The event and Finnish sauna ended up in Toyo Keizai News (265 million page views and 38 million unique users / year) and to the news of sole public broadcaster of Japan, NHK (100 million daily viewers).



Sauna from Finland is constantly contacted by international media who wants to cover the Finnish sauna in their news, articles, documentaries, and movies. The media is most interested in sauna as part of healthy Finnish lifestyle. They want to discover the role of sauna in the lives of the happiest people in the world.

“Media is more and more interested in the benefits of the Finnish sauna for health and quality of life. They want to know about the real deal. One can see the change clearly – as saunas are growing more popular, people want to know about and experience the authentic solutions instead of the cheap and low-quality copycat versions,” Heininen says.

Most recently Sauna from Finland hosted a group of French media representants who wanted to experience different kinds of Finnish saunas with nature activities, urban city tours, and Finnish delicacies added. The group experienced five different Finnish saunas during their 5-day trip. In the beginning of the year, Sauna from Finland also helped a Japanese documentary makers to find sauna locations in Finland and shared information about the sauna and Finnish way of life.

“It’s so important that the media experience memorable and pleasurable Finnish saunas during their visit, and that’s why we also help Finnish sauna service providers, such as hotels, gyms, spas, public saunas, to develop the sauna experiences they offer. When the media has amazing experiences, they write positive stories, which leads to increase of both tourism to Finland and export of Finnish sauna products and services to abroad.”

Sauna from Finland promotes its network companies and strategic partners to the media by connecting the parties with each other and taking the media to visit the companies. The media can test different kinds of Finnish sauna services and products during the trip and find out more about the Finnish way of life in general.

“We’re really building and advancing Finland’s country image here. Sauna experiences are one of the most searched topics when people want to know more about Finland,” Heininen states.

More Finnish sauna-related media hits from 2019:

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China: Lohas
Germany: Finntouch 20 000 visitors / month
Germany: Tarja’s blog
Germany: DFG – German-Finnish Society magazine (printed version available)
Russia: Gazeta strela
Russia: Tour Press Club
France: Le Figaro
France: RFI


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