Christmas sauna is an important holiday tradition for many. When it is time to calm down and get ready to enjoy the holidays, sauna will help you by relaxing both mind and body. We listed some popular ways and tips on how to enjoy the holiday sauna experience with all your senses.

Clensing your skin before sauna

It is important to cleanse your skin before entering a sauna. Often during the winter, cold air outdoors combined with heated dry air indoors results in dry skin. Rimita Green has made a perfect holiday gift set from gently foaming oil cleansers. The oils are from finnish nature and both vegan and organic! Rimita Green products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

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Sauna that smells like the finnish forest

To elevate your finnish sauna experience even further, you should try to bring the fresh smell of the finnish forest to your sauna. Finnish sauna scent bags can be found from both Nystad Sauna Company and Relax SaunaNystad Sauna Company has a perfect gift idea: Sauna Scent Gift Set. The set includes three different forest scents. The best results can be achieved by first pouring warm water on top of the bag and then adding both the water and the bag into your löyly water. When you throw the löyly on the sauna stove, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the middle of a finnish forest.

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Nystad Sauna Company also has indulgent holiday packages to do a foot or hand treatments at home. Forest Bath Gift Set includes three different scented bags that include salt from the Alps and peppermint. Foot bath can be very relaxing when combined with sauna.

Sauna from Finland

Get refreshed in the middle of your sauna session

You can cool down midst sauna by either taking a cool shower or by standing outside in the cool air for a shot time. The bravest sauna goers can cool off by dipping in cold lake water. In case you want to cool off outside, remember to make sure your footwear is slip proof. Lahtiset makes comfortable and warm shoes out of 100% wool. The shoe company recently turned 100 years old so you can trust that they know their business and make sure your toes stay warm and comfortable.

You can wrap youself in a comfortable Lapuan Kankurit bathrobe or towel. The linen material absorbs moisture very effectively while still feeling dry against your skin. Lapuan Kankurit has designed their bathrobes to the last string and keeping your comfortability on top of their list.

Sauna from Finland

Relaxation continues after sauna

We all know how uncomfortable it is to get dressed straight after the holiday sauna. Luckily a lot of times we don´t have to while celebrating with just the immidiate family. From the finnish textile companies, you can find different options from bathrobes to comfortable slippers. Lindentex manufactures unique towels that will actually stay on! Lahtiset shoes are perfect when walking home from your sauna in the garden, even in the middle of the coldest winter. Wet hair could be wrapped in a comfortable towel and you can find those for example from Luin Living.

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No chance to have your own holiday sauna this year?

You can have access to different public saunas in Finland if you don´t have a chance to enjoy your own sauna. Follow us on social media to find out different options for public sauna experiences.

Relaxing holiday break and remember to relax!

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